wats top speed on this baby?

Discussion in '1998 Specter Corevtte GTR' started by locoako786, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i like the engine it looks like a z06 but wheres the top speed? everything would be perfect if this was just the fastest car... sledgehammer cost too much for anyone i wud bet
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    the 1988 Callaway sledgehammer Vette? its probably priceless, at least not up for sale... its a one of a kind concept car... its value is probably between 250k-1 mil or possibly even higher... if you ask me, its value is beyond that of what u can buy... I would like to see what it would be auctioned for(starting price and highest bid)...
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    he didnt ask about the sledge hammer he asked about this, besides the sledge hammer is one of the fastests cars in the world i dont think it would be sold our auctioned cuz it aint street legal besides if u lookin 4 a nice street legal super car get an H2 its much more cheaper than a sledge hammer
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