WC 2010 South-Africa Pick em

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  1. I gotta hurry and find a good UV lamp for the tortoises, later
  2. hahahahahahaha fump
  3. seriously, this just gave me a big hope the all whites can take the sunday match, i believe.
  4. lol, wtf USAmericans.
  5. hahahahahahah 2-0 at half time
  6. Landon Donovan just said, "if you want to stop this shot, you're going to stop it with YOUR FACE!!!!"
  7. WOW... referee fail.
  8. Could've been the elbow in the jump, wouldn't know what else it could be
  9. USA def deserved to win..
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  11. they speak "cretino"
  12. superiority complex kicking in hard m8?
  13. hardly, if you can heard an ordinary brazilian making the correct relation between gender and number in 3 consecutive sentences I withdraw my statement.
    If you had to deal with people on a daily basis constantly butchering your native language while claiming "that people in Portugal speak funny" you would 0 tolerance too.
  14. It's like Dutch and Flemish pretty much, it's the way they communicate, that goes for either side, there are changes and they happened over time.

    edit: and whether I tolerate these changes is irrelevant
  15. england sucks.
  16. srsly, them not making it wouldn't really be a loss for the tournament in my book
  17. LOL @ the English anchor banging his head on the desk after the match

  18. 4-4-2, it doesn't work.
  19. I wish I had Ally McCoist's accent
  20. Wtf that shit?
    anyway looking forward to japan holland.
  21. It could have been any one of the three Slovenian players putting their American counterparts in bear-hugs as the ball was kicked...
  22. Which is never really a major offense unless it's against the USA. Really, I like you guys, how you play, the input, the comeback you made in the match and how you do things with the limited resources in this sport, but this great victim role, the injustice, is something that seriously annoys me. It happens to every team, Slovakia got kicks against as well that were questionable at best, but shit, then it's the sport.

    I agree that the ref maybe shouldn't have called during that goal - I didn't read what he actually saw - and that's that. Let's focus on Algeria. Win and you're through.
  23. england are #$%#ing terrible. im ashamed.

    Rooneys not fit, Heskey is a big lumbering retarded oaf, Johnson was shit, Lennon was shit, Wright-Philips was even worse, Lampard was bloody awful, Carragher was shit (thank god he is missing the next game for picking up another yellow);

    but the poorest performance by a mile was that italian twat Capello

    formation doesnt work, choice of subsitutions was terrible, if he doesnt change formation and at least 5 players for the Slovenia game then we deserve to go out and he deserves sacking, useless ****. I always said having Capello as manager, or any non-English as manager was a rubbish idea (think Sven), hell, Ill be the next England manager, ill do a better job than any one else in the last 10 years

  24. fabio capello is a great coach, but it doesnt work with england somehow.

    anyway, netherlands - japan: 2-1

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