We are marters as Delorean lovers arent we.

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  1. today in 5th period, three guys were making comments like beating off to it, and wanting to go back in time to bone my mom. not only that but i asked one guy how many deloreans hes seen. he said one. i asked another how many civics(which theyd rather own because they THINK theyll get laid more) and he said 50 a day. theyd STILL rather have a civic. its a car a cheer leader would adore--some snobby little brat. theyre so common, who cares! my sisters bankrupt and SHE has a civic. they say it performs better. ITS LIKE COMPARING WINDOWS THAT JUST CAME OUT IN 1981 TO WINDOWS 98!!! OR A FORD MODEL-A TO A 56 BEL AIR!!! THE TECHNOLOGY IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE AND THEY ARE TO F---IN' BONE HEADED TO GET IT!!! they say it sucks "big ones" and made drawings of a guys huge nuts. yeah thats just a normal teenage thing, but putting it on the paper im doing my work on? not to mention calling me gay. hell, im pretty good at narking. im going to get the vice principle and tell him about sexual harassment AND its affecting my grades because i cant work. sounds good.

    i read something in english, i'll even quote it:

    "Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great to be misunderstood."---Ralph Waldo Emerson, author of "Self-Reliance"

    Emerson also made comments like "Imitation is suicide".

    maybe i could get exrta credit in English if i show my theacher this actually using these quotes in a discussion...hmmm.

    anyway, but as delorean lovers, we are non-conformists. you can quote me on this, these are my words, but confomists are not men, but mere sheep.
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    Delorean, Bricklin and Tucker all have something in common. all were supposed to change the automotive world in one way or another. they all suceeded. all had safety of the people in mind, and later the technologies and ideas put into them were used in all vehicles.

    Seat Belts

    5mph bumpers

    air bags(in Delorean concept)

    and all were misunderstood and mocked because of their ideas. do we think twice about it? if one of these things saves our lives do you later think "What if these werent thought of"? im sure most people dont.

    Preston Tucker had the first car with seat belts, and while testing one flipped. the average car then would have killed the driver, but he was okay, plus it started up after they flipped it over again. the other auto companies were mad because he was making people more aware of safety, and so NOW we have the seat belt. he also had special padding for side impacts. this kept the skull from breaking when it hits where a steel body panel would be--kinda like side air bags huh.

    the bricklin had funny looking bumpers(which by the way i saw the other day driving, not nearly as impressive as a delorean)that would go into the body, but not seriously damage any more.

    the delorean concept had air bags, but never made into production because they couldnt afford it. now they are standard. some cars have them for all 2 or 3 rows, like for side impacts(such as Ford Expedition)
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    *Is a high school senior*

    I will someday own a DMC-12.
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    hey man - I'm in high school, and i proudly drive a '68 mustang. id rather own a delorean than a civic. hell, id rather walk then have a civic...deloreans are tight man, dont let one incident get ya down
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    im not down, im shocked. a civic is a piece. here, the mustang is our mascot so we have a lot around. not this year though, the seniors parking lot is mostly trucks and other normal crap. NOTHING exciting(accept to nicly modded celica gts').
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    I would only drive a civic if i was to drive it everyday. Or rent it and have full insurance and give that thing some air time. Nice to hear that you drive a 68 mustang. Is it a daily driver? hope you are looking after it.
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    and give engine and other details.
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    I'm not an owner, I'm an Audi TT owner, but a fanatic. Hell I wasn't even born when the DeLorean was made. John DeLorean is easily the number one reason I'm in school for mechanical engineering. Still have tons of respect for Preston Tucker and his Torpedo, and kind of for Malcolm Bricklin's SV-1 (PS bricklin was responsible for Subaru in the states as well as the Yugo). The truth is that it's close to impossible to have enough free capital to create a brand new car from an independent company. Look at Shelby and his Series 1 and all the trouble that's had. And Qvale/Detomaso Mangusta (ps Kjiel was probably only in it for the mney when he stole the car from De Tomaso and sold it to MG after a year. The DeLorean deserves more respect than any other car of last century. John Z deserves more credit than Lee Ioccoca or Bob Lutz. Even Jim Wagners told a car mag that it was DeLorean's idea for the Pontiac GTO so John was the real father of the GTO and wagners was more like the uncle. I wish John Z nothing but the best of luck with his new ventures, while he can (as he his 79) and i hope he has inspired enough people to follow their dreams. hopefully deloreantime.com will come up again soon so I have something to look at
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    that was touching...thank you.
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    I would take the delorean over a civic. I bought a civic for $700 and shot the shit out of being the redneck that i am. Slugs and buckshot does a lot of damage. The first shot blew through the door and i would say that is a bad sign for reliabilty. The car is now sitting out back in the woods rusting through.

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