we are @ war with the Neon Forums!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AntiPimpage, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Leave em alone. Those are the kinds of people that think they look good in their lowered riced out civics, accords, neons, sunfires, etc. You know the ones, driving down the street with the windows down blaring T.I? The ones that when you look at them its hard not to laugh? The ones that look forward to "cruisin the ave" on friday nights, and end up making 20 laps on the same 10 block strech? Let them think they look good and are intelligent, otherwise we get more people like wheelman, when left uncensored, turn into people that cause incidents like VT. Seriously, leave em alone or they'll come find you
  2. i thought you guys stopped this gay shit 2 years ago.
  3. its funny to monitor the thread on each forum.
  4. i wonder what started this thread on there. some guy probally got beat by a neon and went to neons.org to see what was up.
  6. I'm gonna say it was some kind of random google search for an obscure car part or something, and this site popped up in the results.
  7. to a downs kid, sure.
  8. it is pretty funny. STFU
  9. oh come on, you can't say you've never riled anyone up on here just for the hell of it.
  10. Pool's closed, retards.

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