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  1. What the ****? I don't remember that at all!
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  2. The interwebs never forgets.
  3. It may have been during the "tits or gtfo" stage that the Internet went through.
  4. I don't suppose there's a date on that file for when it was created/last modified? It would be cool to date it. I think it's late 2006/early 2007.
  5. Even after a thousand years, seeing FireRed's face still annoys me.
  6. sweet im next to "b00bs" :cool:
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  7. Why am I not in any of the collages?

    It really is time to make a new one.
  8. She does look like the kind of SJW that's just waiting to show you how big her penis is.
  9. I don't recall you ever posting a picture of your face on the forum!
  10. August 07

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  11. Speaking of fire red, I was bored due to internet wires being cut and read some of her old posts. She is either hemistage or they're incestuous siblings.
  12. There is definitely one with a photo of me. But that's not the one there
  13. I think we're all counting on @Veyronman (yay tags!) to create a new collage and share some of his archive about the people and our stories. You're basically the place's official curator.
  14. I'll work on something. I still need to unearth an external HD that I think has the bulk of it.
  15. **** it, I want in

    Draw me like one of your French girls
  16. Do you have my ghey hoop_earrings.jpg pic? I dunno if I have that anymore, might be lost forever ;_;
  17. Here is me

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  18. Amazing to see us all some 15 years later in many cases.
  19. Plz show

    I'm too young to have seen her post
  20. Definitely, somewhere.

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