We won

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  2. link says all i need to know without clicking it
  3. i jsut skimmed over the link sometihng about crickets in india and winning
  4. Does it still matter if nobody cares?
  5. "India won cricket’s World Cup for the first time in 28 years Saturday with a six-wicket victory at home over Sri Lanka."
  6. Crickets are the new Charlie
  7. nice jumble of words that make no sense
  8. what are you some kind of bug master
    sicko grubby hands take this shit to an insect site
  9. woop dee doo!
  10. oh, cricket, lol
  11. Smashing.
  12. does it still matter if tv audience numbers were only a billion people?
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    We won too.

    That is, Robert Helenius won Samuel Peter in boxing.

  14. Who is we? You were on the field nukka?
  15. cricket is the second most watched sport in the world after football
  16. *game
  17. theres like a billion people in india. well duh.
  18. sport
  19. Ya we did, i already made a thread when we beat Australia in the Quarterfinals to piss off all the Australian members here.

    Great game i woke up at 4am to watch it, it looked bad when Sachin got out, but in the end they pulled through
  20. Damn are you stupid. It's extremely popular in New Zealand/Australia/South Africa and England,Zimbabwe, Kenya. Other countries like Ireland Holland, Canada are also coming along.
  21. ok kid
  22. worst countries
  23. btw i dont know how you come up with holland, because it isn't even broadcasted here. nobody has interest for that game.
  24. Holland has a cricket team, they played in this world cup.

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