Weak Clutch?

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by Striker3000GT, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. I have nothing against the S2000, but it seems like a lot of auto magazines have noted that the car's stock clutch cannot handle hard launches. Both Sport Compact Car and Road and Track reported that the factory clutch on the S2000 seemed to all but disintegrate after one really good side-step. Just wondering if this is really the case on an otherwise awesome car.
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    I dunno, but many car magazines say that the S2000 has a awesome gearbox.
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    If that's the problems, is it that hard too buy and install another one?
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    Few good launches and KAPUT! If the stock clutch doesn't last hard launches, it's just crappy. Go and get an upgraded clutch.
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    Exactly what I just said
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    what does that have to do with the clutch? oh wait nothing
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    That's why i said "I dunno."
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    Well in a way it could have something to do with it, I mean without a clutch you can screw up your gearbox
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    Not in a bicycle.
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    I know
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    Is it that fun riding a bike?
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    Your talking about a bicycle or a motorcycle?
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    Yeah! Especially if you take it at high speeds.
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    But if you hit a bump too hard, it's over

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