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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pierog, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I'm starting a game design blog with a fellow developer, we're looking for a name.

    Here are our ideas.

    1 and 2 being game design references, 3 being a concept, and 4 beeing an asimov reference (name for disintegrating ray)
  2. They all don't really appeal to me, but if these 4 sites came up between google results, I'm most likely to click option 4.
  3. 1 is very gamey, I wouldn't click 2 or 3 for FEAR of pr0nzor, and I would dismiss 4 because I don't know wtf it is and would assume it's some foreign site.
  4. disintegrating ray one
  5. call it
  6. disinto

    the others are too much of a mouthful.
  7. Thanks for those who answered.
  8. i think they all suck tbh
  9. the non sequitur
  10. ask luke
    hes the one who likes to read stuff like this instead of play games
  12. conveniently, they all sound like websites my ad-blocker kills.
  13. lol
  15. I read them all. Then opened a new window and the only one I can still remeber is disinto.
  18. i like disinto IMO.

    take ur pick
  20. or
  21. supertars lol
  22. I told you what I felt before. Find the blend that's easy to remember, makes sense and will work well with Google.
  23. Electric Cocktails...very original
  24. everything but secretmodes, it makes me think it says secretmodels on first sight, and this will lead everyone to expect nudes
  25. how about "" if youre going for an asimov reference

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