Weekend plans

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by superserge, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Weekend plan

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  2. Do nothing.
  3. i've just realized that today is already friday
  4. work, work out, sleep. I has no social life
  5. Unpack, wash the M3, chill.
  6. pics
  7. Of?
  8. I am to study
  9. Work, write a report, find out if I have to do jury duty, go gift shopping. Possibly get hammered tonight or saturday.
  10. M3
  11. Study for my calculus exam on Monday D:
  12. study for my cell signalling exam tonight study for my proteins exam on monday study for my phys chem exam on tuesday **** my life
  13. Party tonight and party saturday night.

    Partied last night and missed work though. Might get fired, or at the very least talked to on monday.
  14. calling in sick for first two shifts. Was going to go ice climbing tomorrow - too cold -25C high temp. Going as date to girl's xmas party. Get drunk and sticking twanger in etc. Recovery on sunday.
  15. for me..tonight drinking myself to shit
  16. Friday: Study
    Saturday: Exam
    Sunday: Study
    Monday: Exam

    (this repeats several more times)
  17. sleep till about 4 in the afternoon today, start working on bug. call friends, friends bring beer. Drink beer, decide bug is no longer priority and start building some sort of retarded contraption. If by about 10 non of us have blown ourselves up or gotten arrested we go to a party. Drink and be merry. Wake up. Realise contraption was a retarded drunk idea, repeat.
  18. Christmas party at my friend's townhouse tomorrow night. free food, free booze.
  19. barhop tonight, work saturday, see friend who now lives in california sunday
  20. Buying a 24 of heineken and a pack of ciggs soon so

    tonight: drunk
    tomorrow: drunk
    sunday: relax
  21. Just chill, maybe get some beers with friends, nothing much, super stress at work now.
  22. Going to my sister's basketball game tonight. Tomorrow is our Christmas Eve, since we're not going to be here for the actual holiday, so tomorrow we're going out to eat lunch, then going to grab a Christmas tree, then going to decorate it, eat, then open family presents. Should be nice.
  23. graduating from this hellhole.
  24. 1) sitting in a recliner with my leg propped up (the one in the cast)
    2) watch tv
    3) continue to apply to grad schools
    4) update my info on monster.com
    5) finalizing plans for new years eve
  25. i have a mates 21st tonight.

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