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  1. so a mini weighs up to 400 lbs more than some lighter cars, but still out-maneuvers them. if you could change the tires, shocks, struts, swaybars and bushings, why cant the following beat a mini on a very small track given their weight advantage? is a good suspension design gonna factor in that much?

    focus base hatch
    civic vx/dx hatch
  2. those are all giving up a deal of power, unless you mean a base mini as well. as for the focus, if you replace all of that, you've basically got an svt focus, which will tear up a mini.
  3. You're questions are retarded.

    The weight of the cars you've listed ranges from the 2,100lb Echo to the 2,600lb Focus ZX3. The Mini S weighs in at least 2,700lbs. And who says the Mini is being anything on the track? This is just another one of your groundless generalizations.

    The Mini/Mini S is far more sport oriented, and considerably more expensive, than the other cars you've listed.
  4. who said anything about a mini S

    apparently you dont know anything about cars if you dont think the mini is anything.

  5. seriously though, what are you asking? none of it makes much sense.

  6. You can make those cars beat the mini on a small track, it's just a question of who does and when.

  7. You’re questions make no sense.

    The base Mini Cooper costs more than Focus SVT or Civic Si, and $11,000 more than the Echo. Why does it surprise you that it handles better than some of these economy cars?

    When you look at the numbers the Mini isn’t special at all.
  8. When you drive a Mini, you really see how special it is, though. Not much power, but it's suspension and steering are fantastic. I've seen some VERY fast AutoXers in base Minis.

    I think my SVT Focus is pretty equal, but I would have to have the same driver race them back to back to really decide. My Focus with no sunroof, TC, heated seats, etc. weighs just under 2600 lbs with a half tank.
  9. How many of these cars have you driven? I'm assuming ALL since you hate "parking lot posers" and "magazine racers".
  10. Anyone can use facts to prove anything that is even remotely true.

    I prefer to go by the word of stupid ass kids like you rather that people who have the instruments to perform documented and repeatable tests.

  11. Quote from turbodreams: "is a good suspension design gonna factor in that much?"

    Umm, yes. ALL aspects of the vehicle's performance is a direct function of forces generated between the four little tire contact patches and the road. The job of the suspension is to make sure the contact patch actually stays in contact with the ground and stays as large as possible through weight transfer, camber effects, etc.
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  13. 1. Yes, a 13 y.o. can use magazine stats to aruge, like you do.
    2. I didn't say anything about any of the cars performence.
    3. How's the hairdresser car?
  14. Nobody that drives a VW Golf can talk about owning a "hairdressers" car. VWs are the poster child of homosexuality. According to Steve Keyes of VW 50% of the Golf and Jetta buyers are female back in 1999. Stop driving a girls car you pussy.

    Now if your looking to race i'd love to give your little shit box a run with my Mustang. Yeah that's what i thought, you'd be sitting on the corner with the rest of your dumbass backwards hats wearing friends talking about how you should have double clutched.

    The bottom line is you don't like facts because they show just how over priced, over rated, and shitty VW's products are compared to the rest of the market. Sure we could sit here and say "it feels fast" my sister's 1994 Accord "feels" fast but the reality is that it isn't. Test equipment proves this, the ramblings of dumbass parking lot posers like you doesn't prove anything except how stupid you are and how lame your car is.
  15. No, people kept bothering me to go back to Spyder757 so I did.

  16. O.K. Let's race. Since we can't meet up, what's your best 1/4 mile time? We can compare. And no mag stats. Scan your timeslip.
  17. How much ACTUAL racing experience do you have? You talk sooo f*cken much about r!cers and about how they can't drive. What have you done? Keep in mind demolition derbies in your local trailer park don't count.
  18. Boy, these threads can get harsh...

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