weight of a moonroof?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by f11111, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. how much weight does a power moonroof add to a car, and how much will it f*ck up your center of gravity?
  2. i hope your not trying to come up for an excuse as to why your mom's subaru doesn't handle as well as a sports car
  3. Not a whole lot of weight. Maybe 40 pounds.

    T-tops and verts weigh a ton in comparison. I never use my moon roof, but I use the t-tops all the time in the summer.
  4. Not a whole lot of weight. Maybe 40 pounds.

    T-tops and verts weigh a ton in comparison. I never use my moon roof, but I use the t-tops all the time in the summer.
  5. haha. too bad i can buy my own cars little boy...hows your huffy doing?
  6. I'd say SuperlativeOne's guess is in the ballpark. 40 lb. relative to a 3000+ lb. car (the average weight of new cars is somewhere north of 3000 lb. nowadays) isn't a whole lot. The center of gravity will move up some, but not enough for a driver to notice.

    Convertibles are heavier because of the mechanism as well as beefing up of the structure to regain some torsional and bending strength that was lost by cutting off the roof.
  7. how about a 2300 lb car?
  8. if by huffy you mean

    a. the 2003 monte carlo ss
    b. the 1970 cutlass supreme
    c. the 461 big block olds engine (650hp, 575lbft) i'm picking up this weekend that runs 10.8s in a 3550lb car

    then pretty good (especially option c)
  9. There aren't too many 2300-lb. cars around with power moonroofs, because if you find a 2300-lb. new car, it's going to be a small, bare bones car... in fact, I think the little Kia Rio even weighs more than that.

    If you are talking about adding a power moonroof to a 2300-lb. car (like maybe an older Civic or Golf), then yes it will affect that car more than it would a heavier car. Still, adding a 40-lb. moonroof to a 2300-lb. car (now a 2340-lb. car) means that the moonroof is still only 1.7% of the vehicle weight. So, it's starting to become a bigger deal, but I guarantee that the vast majority of drivers on this planet (think 99.9999%) wouldn't notice the difference. Especially once you get a few passengers in the car.
  10. to be specific, a mini cooper
  11. Try more like 2800 pounds. Their pretty hefty cars for their size.
  12. In a rare instance, you are not only correct but I also say the same thing about them. It's physically smaller than a Toyota Echo, but outweighs it by like 400 pounds.
  13. thats cuz bmw packs stuff better than the chineses. Ever saw a bmw engine bay... sheesh, makes you want to work on a charger with 2 feet of space around the engine.
  14. non-S stripped down....

    btw S starts about 2700 so try that
  15. The more options you have the heavier they get. Mt car is so heavy because of all the nice luxery fetures. You pay fo those in weight. Such as t-tops, leather, electric seats, auto climate control, sound deadening materials, interior lights ect... All the little motors for everythign add up pretty quick.

    Also figure in that some cars are weighed with hardly nothing in them including a full tank of gas and a 190 pound driver.

    I don't look at weight myself....You can always overcome weight with a good design and more boost.
  16. Driving my non-sunroof SVT Focus 3dr (a little under 2600 lbs) and my AutoX buddy's SVT 5dr with roof (and TC,winter package and subwoofer) you can tell the difference, but I can't imagine you would be able to anywhere but on a track. Also, I couldn't really tell you how much of that difference was the roof as there were those other differences as well.
  17. you really think that a sunroof has more effect than 2 extra doors? doors that need to have power lock motors and electric window motors? jeez man.
  18. The one on the Porsche 928 weighs 25 lbs.
  19. It's funny how cars have developed to have little electric motors all over the place to do every simply job.

    It's not hard to roll down a window, or pop a sunroof open..while you're driving or while you're not. Do they even make moonroofs that crank open any more? Like on old BMWs or whatever..

    ..Just an observation on how lazy people have become. Not saying I don't enjoy having little electric motors do my every bidding though.
  20. My '87 GTI has a crank-open sunroof. It's fun. Especially when you notice someone that obviously has never had to crank open a window (think young, well-to-do girl or boy) or sunroof before in their lives is watching you with that "wtf is that guy doing?" look on their face. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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