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  1. That is all I can say for now.<!-- Signature -->
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    I reckon its crap, sure it has alright performancee for a car with only 65hp, but that is probably from its weight, this car always reminds me of a Mach one some how, maybe its that sorta pointed nose and the long sleek coupe shape....don't know. :p<!-- Signature -->
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    sad days of our lives...<!-- Signature -->
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    The Sonet II is much better looking... (the Sonet I too but they only built six of those)
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    btw: Sonet II is falsely called "Sonet V4" on, probably becasu the first Sonet II's used a 3cyl 2stroke engine when the later used a 4stroke Ford V4


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    I can just say that the Sonett III is a real sportscar. Probably more than any large american V8 would-be racer. It has handeling and it does not weight much at all. In a sportscar weight is everything...

    One funny thing is with the standard SAAB 96 V4 its quite possible to exchange that V4 to a Ford V6. It fits right in!!!
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    I actually allmost bougt one of those.. =P
    it costed 4500 Swedish Crowns... about $450 =P
    but instead I found my Beloved Audi for 6000 Swedish Crowns (about $600).
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    This car seems pathetic with the stats but its actually a good car. If you do all the math, the 65hp and the fact that it weighs less than 1900 pounds is equivalent to a toyota corrola having 200hp.

    I know all this because i have a toyota corrola and the sonett 3.

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