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  1. Anyone else think this promo sounds like an odd mix of ad copy and propaganda for a cult? "Starting with the extended bonnet which makes trough his extreme bumper his name Eagle I all glory." "This amazing model is crowned with the name Eagle I because managed to fetch the ruler of the air on the streets." These foreign companies really need to let an American write their promotional material. All that's left!
  2. i know only that this car is fugly
  3. the front grille is just effed. they could have put better rims on it. and made it black.
  4. Better yet, they could just not build it at all.
  5. way to absolutely ruin an already aesthetically challenged merc S-class. the grille is fugly.

  6. thenk God they didn�t rice it... wait, they did -__-
  7. well, someone had to think of a newish ttrend for CLS modifications. i guess this was the idea.

    btw, welcome to the forums.
  8. S-class modifications!
    Everyone on this forum thinks he's so smart, than why do only 2 of them see it's a mercedes S-class?
  9. s-class with a wide body. i dont like it. too extreme for that car
  10. Besides the grill, the rest is decent I guess.
  11. I have always hated that ASMA grill.... looks like a snow plow. Other than that i love it, would give my left nut to own it, i know most people dont like that "ricey" look however AMG has been doin it longer than the import scene. So stop callin it RICE!!! its a Euro look damit
  12. The Shark has better lines to me.Kind of a step down in the looks department.
  13. ugly looking.And who the Fu(k wrote up the press on this thing.No sane person says or writes shit like that.
  14. that grill will look betta on a hummer
  15. This kind of cars will never deliver the outright performance or the kind of comfort that we look in cars, let alone its unappealing looks. The front grill looks like a disaster in a disaster. The color is what makes it even worse. I really had no idea that someone like Sniper hail would come up with something like this at least in a website like super cars. Come on; is this what you would call a super car?

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