Welcome Lotus Elise, MGF....F.U.C.K off!

Discussion in '1933 MG L-Type Magna' started by pedern, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Can't belive people buying a car like this when they can have the Elise! A wannabe sportscar!<!-- Signature -->
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    Taking the Elise over this is simply your preferance. There are others out there that prefer an MGF over an Elise. I personally think the lines on this car are so much cleaner than the one on the Elise. You can curse at me all you want but it'll only make you look ignorant.
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    this is true
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    Well, I can't believe people posting such nonsense when they can just shut up...

    Comparing the MGF with a Lotus Elise is complete bullshit !

    The MGF continues the line of classic british roadsters - compact, lightweight, nimble, good looking, great handling and (more or less) affordable - just sheer fun you can have every day when going to work, shopping (ok - not too much), or just by cruising around.

    The Elise is a pure racecar without any practical value. Take it on a racetrack (if you really like this...) or cruise around - it's absolutely brilliant for that purpose, but that's all it has to offer. When taking someone with you say goodbye to bags or other luggage if you don't want to stuff it between your feet or hold it in your hands. Having place for absolutely nothing disqualifies it for an everyday-car like the MGF. Also driving under harsh conditions like heavy rain or even snow and ice will definitely bring you much joy... - the classic 2nd car.

    So you'll never be in the situation of having to choose between these two - simply because they are made for totally different purposes.


    I really don't know much about cars - and you don't either as you've proved, but please everyone out there - even when you're from the USA... - think before you write and if your topic doesn't make any sense DON'T WRITE IT !!!
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    You'd be the first person i've ever met who said that the MGF is a good handling car. Most just say it understeers quite noticably, which is quite horrible when you consider that it is a mid-engined rear wheel drive car...

    Apparently BMW held back funding and development because they wanted a noticably inferior driving experience compared with the (more expensive) Z3 (yes BMW used to own MG-Rover but had enough of the Brits and flogged Land Rover to Ford, and Rover to a conglomerate of companies in the UK who like to flog dead horses...)...
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    I agree
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    The Elise and mgf both share a K series engines.SO if its the name your buying, heres a worse name , vauxhall vx220 is a all-round better car, but will never be as popular as the lotus elise.So names do make a differences.
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    there are so many around, is it difficult to find a clean example?
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    dear readers
    beeing an owner of a mgf roadster
    i would have to dissagree on your coments such as its not a sports car bullsh!t mate lotus are for ppl who have a lot of money and a small weenie and y would you want a hi powerformance car on the road such as a lotus elise..

    1st of all mgf is practill,cheap,inshurance is not hi and its plane good fun!

    and another coment the stearing is exelent and you can go flat out around a corner without loosing your ass end
  10. hi to whome this may concern, me and my mate r going germany next month im in a mgf and hes in a ellise we r both tacking passengers the only major differance between these 2 cars is im having to take all his lugage as well as mine i could get there 1hr quiker and not cost me as much in fuel you see his will only do 115mph where as mine will touch 140 (autobhan) his is screaming for an extra gear at 105 on the ring his laps 10secs faster just purly exeleration .taking all the cons of an ellise insurance,sevice,fuel the risk of theft, lugage,tyres,body(fibreglass ouch)ect ect there is only one winner when conparing the to side by side MGF 160 TROPHY.

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