Well, it looks alot like how it sounds....

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    with emphasis on the MOLE
  2. ..is that supposed to be funny?
  3. No, just an observation. It seems Ferrari is good at naming cars the way they look. Testarossa, Modena, cool slick sounding names for very cool looking cars.

    Imola, well thats not so good sounding, but it fits for a car thats not so good looking. It's like how you hear the name Bertha and you think of a fat ugly girl.
  4. Hey, genius, this one is named after an italian City. Just like the vast majority of all ther other Ferrari cars.
  5. hahahaha I agree 100%
  6. ...they could have foud a better city?
  7. hmm no, this is fine, any city they pick would have prolly sounded weird in some language, u just gotta grow up and be mature about it
  8. Modena is a province and a city...and Maranello is in the province of Modena...Imola is in the province of Bologna
  9. its a very nice car
  10. and im from la provicia di calabria. lol that was random but true! this car isnt ugly, but i think ferrari needs to do some changes, ie. the rims, the star thing is not working, its something a lebanese person would put on their 88 honda accords. lol nothing against lebs, some of my best friends are lebs but i even tell them, time for a style change
  11. i don't get how a car can look like a V12 howl.
  12. I agree witht he bertha comment.

    I also agree that it doesnt look that good but it will be an awesome car and when you are driving it you dont give a crap what others think.

    Im curious as to how it will compare to the McLaren SLR.
  13. Imola sounds good if pronounced right...
  14. Thanks for the geography lesson...?

    Imola also happens to be where one of Italy's biggest and best racetracks is.
  15. actually imola isn't even in italy, it's in San Marino, an indipendent little state in italy.
  16. I mean no disrespect, but I think you may be putting too much emphasis on the name of this car. And I'm not even sure why I wasted my time typing this.
  17. It's just an observation about how it looks in comparison to its name. It is a valid point for discussion. By no means I am saying this car sucks or anything of the sort. I'm a big Ferrari fan myself.
  18. Ummm its called the fiorano?
  19. The title of this thread doesn't even begin to make sense.

    Do you reread or think about things after you type them or do you just submit them carelessly?

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