Well, once again, another drug to be made illegal

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    Olympia, WA - Some idiot kid who already had problems smokes some salvia and does some stupid shit (out of his appetite for attention, not the drug). Now the state is looking at outlawing this completly harmless plant. Man, I love this stuff asa thereputic agent, not a suicidal wet dream.
  2. Salvia is SCARRY sh*t. I'd sooner so heroin...
  3. Don't think I'd wanna do it.
  4. Because you're RETARDED.
  5. Because Salvia most clearly has the effect of making people RETARDED for some period.
  6. Yeah, ok. It doesn't do that and once again you are talking out of your ass.
  7. I've seen dozens of people so salvia right in front of me. You're doing weak sh*t if you don't lose total control.
  8. According to that site, it's supposed to have hallucinigenic(sp?) effects similar to LSD...
  9. It does, I've seen people do it. 944turb0 is being retarded as usual.
  10. its a dangerous hallocinogen(sp?) allright just like cough syrup. Hey lets all ban that now too.
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  13. my point was anything can be bad if you misuse it, hell Coca tea is not illegal in peru but morons here in the US make it bad so everyone ultimatly thinks that cocca is the same shit as cocaine.

  14. I've seen people break so much sh*t after hitting salvia (e.g. my bro dragged a whole entertainment system by the cords caught in his legs: we yelled at him to stop but it didn't compute and he knocked it all over and broke a stereo... or when a kid one time just randomly poured all these glasses of pop over on a buddies pool table <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>)...

    Also one of my brothers buddies had a VERY bad trip one time and could have killed someone if he was near a knife or something.

    I wouldn't recommend salvia except in the most pleasant and harmless conditions.
  15. Alcohol and tobacco should be illegal.
  16. I wonder if either of us knew that kid.
  17. I'm speechless, get out of this thread.
  18. so you feel that it should be banned cause of what some stupid kid did eh?

    and you come from the land of drugs.
  19. He doesn't think that. He thinks you're wrong, and he's right.
  20. Dude, you're like, the worst member ever. I swear.
  21. wut?

    yes, well, no, not really, it's just that marihuana and shrooms are legal and that E is common, that's pretty much it. Harddrugs are available on the street, but obviously illegal.
  22. is E legal in Nederlands?
  23. Cough Syrup is not hallucinogenic, retard. This stuff is obviously hardcore, so i have no idea why you are complaining that the authorities want to make it illegal.
  24. You know.. I'm not even sure about that if it is or not. However, you can get your pills tested at a government funded lab and they won't do anything against you. So like, probably it's illegal (to produce/sell), but using's fine.
  25. Here in Florida E is considered a weapon. So the charges are close to life in jail.

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