Well, once again, another drug to be made illegal

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Apr 6, 2006.

  2. What's their definition of E? MDMA? Because there are pills available with a synthetic kind of MDMA, but those are pretty dangerous and could have side-effects you're not exactly waiting for.
  3. A law like that would piss me off.

    Anyhoo, salvia is very strange because it's legal still in most of North America but obviously a heavy-duty hallucinogen/disasociative (like LSD mixed with PCP, but lasting only a few minutes)...
  4. Here, E is almost always cut with something. Rarely is it in its pure MDMA form. So most E is different containing anything like coke, valium, K or anything really.
  5. learn to read and youll find that there is more than just word s in the middle like


    cough syrup has several checmicals in it that can cause that, dipshit.

    why becasue if they make this illegal then they should make every other over the counter legal drug illegal that is misused by party goers as well ie adderall, tylenol, cough syrup, etc.
  6. I don't know. I only did E once and didn't really like it so I haven't been into it.
  7. Yeah, it's bitter, makes you thirsty and it makes you unable to get a good healthy boner.
  9. People choke on apples too, don't be so pathetic.
  10. no, we didnt know him.
  11. I think the one that I did was laced with too much coke. I barely felt the effects of E and I was really really hyper.
  12. people do all that shit with alkyhol(mispelled on purpose) as well. your point?

  13. yet you pretty much said what I was saying as well.

    "alcahol and tobacco should be made illegal"
  14. dude you dont know wtf im talking about i swear.
  15. You can consume alcohol without getting drunk necessarily, you know.

    edit: why do I even reply really.
  16. yes same thing with any other drug. Again the word im putting stress on is MISUSE!

    i dont go bannanas after consuming my adderall, I would if i misused it.

  17. What regular purposes are there for Salvia?
  18. Panditha should be made illegal.
  19. none, what regular purposes are there for alcahol or tobacco?
  20. Fuel
  21. Alcohol can serve as a disinfectant and fuel. Tobacco has no use, but then again, it won't cause you to hallucinate in potentially dangerous way either.
  22. Nobody knows wtf you're talking about, I swear.
  23. It'll kill you though. Some think that's pretty bad.
  24. WTF? ive done it a few times (we were out of weed so we walked down to try it out... it was weird, but not that trippy... i got less of a high off it than weed.
  25. thats why i also said hallucinate or whatever.

    again my point is if you misuse it, ie overdose etc. sure it can harm you.

    also alcahol can still be harmful if misued, also what purpose does beer have?


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