Well, once again, another drug to be made illegal

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  1. Yeah, every first hand experience story I've gotten is exactly like that, yet people who haven't tried it claim LSD-like hallucination capabilities.
  3. Way to quote a post that was sarcastic.
  4. thats my point anyting can be dangerous if someone makes it out to be like that.

    its like those stupid pot commercials.
  5. its people acting stupid thats dangerous, which happens when people are on, or off drugs. they are just showing off. its stupid to conect it directally with the drug.
  6. like robitussin. you can trip harder on DXM than Salvia, or marijuana.
  7. wow somone who actually understands what im saying, or says what exactly im trying to say.

    where the HELL have you been?!?!

    PLEASE tell this to AMGRulz as well as his friends.
  8. There is no way to properly use Salvia, it's supposed to cause hallucinations, no matter what. Alcohol only becomes a problem in higher doses. There is no denying Salvia is more dangerous and much more worthy of illegal status than alcohol or tobacco.
  9. Some people drink beer because they like the taste. You don't smoke salvia because it tastes good.
  10. There is denying, I don't think so. The latter are deadly. I don't think the government needs to protect me from hallucinating anyway.
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    "Alcohol only becomes a problem in higher doses"
    WOW so does salvia.

    wow what if the person happens to have a low alcahol content.?
  12. some also drink just to get drunk.
  13. There's no need to hate on Panditha. It's a matter of time before he ODs on something and makes everybody love him, anyways.
  14. The consequences of a drug that causes you to have paranoid hallucinations are more dire in the short-term than anything tobacco can do. And alcohol is not dangerous until you become drunk off of it and decide to do something stupid. With salvia, the hallucinogenic effects are quite rapid and onset at a very low dosage.
  15. Your logic is exactly backwards.
  16. salvia is good, i plan on getting more this weekend. its only 30$, and one hit gets you pretty messed up. the stuff i got was 10X.
  17. stop watching those dam commercials you moron!!
  18. I don't think salvia is nearly as powerful as you claim it is, for one.

    I'm not saying alcohol or tabacco should be banned either, but alcohol can kill you a whole lot easier, and tobacco will kill you whne you're 65.
  19. that people get drunk yet its not made illegal but one person gets high off something that is not entriely known about and its automatically should be made illegal?

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  21. when i was on salvia, hell yeah. the trip was NO MORE than 15 minutes, and thats MAX. thats only been once in the 20-30 times i have done that, where as all the other times hover between 5-10 minutes long. yes, the effects are rapid, which is awesome, but also you come down fast. at no point could i not control myself in a soberish way. yes, i said soberish. i would compare the difficulty to taking 5 shots of 80 proof liquor and trying to act sober. its not hard, but definately not something you can pull off with 100%.
  22. and you have to have some MASSIVE lungs if your going to hit some salvia. i hit the pipe 4 times back to back and didnt feel any different from the 2nd to the 3rd to the 4th, so its like i wasted 3 hits.
  23. haha Jeezus is our resident drug expert
  24. bow to me.

    im going to the flea market with all the mexicans on saturday. hopefully they will have mroe there, i went there once and they actually sold out. they also had some 6 foot bongs there. #$%# yeah.
  25. Shit, has anyone here other than Jeezus and myself ever even done the stuff? You people need to some first hand knowledge before you want to try and talk like know a damn thing about substance use.

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