Well this is truely one of a kind!

Discussion in '1911 Locomobile Model 48' started by cruisesnowman, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Yikes, all i can say is what were they thinking with this project? Definitely trying something new here, its cool that the new Willy's is light weight, but why put a 4 under the hood??? With the hummer like ground clerance and bulky mercedes SUV like styling why not put that jeep 4.7 liter v-8 under the hood? Makes me wonder for sure if they were trying to stay in that deep willy's inline four tradition. That history is kinda crushed by the radical appearence of this beast, its extremely unatural...giant doors, and a narrow long back window. That removeable hard top must have a bad blind spot. I think this 3000 pound bugg's 160 hp is sad, and 0-60 in 10.4?
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  2. Re: Well this is truely one of a kind!

    ya and its supercharged

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