Well this sucks

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  1. introduction week for new students in my city just started, just as i start my new job. i was cycling through the city today and my god, fine tits & ass everywhere.

  2. welcome to the real world.
  3. Why does it suck?
  4. The whole city is a 24/7 party drunk slut house and i have to work. That kinda sucks lol
  5. So join the party after you're done working.
  6. No, i have to sleep.
  7. Because i have to get up early to go to work?

    I do get to dj on friday though. Thatll be fun.
  8. gesu, how many hours a day do you work that you have to sleep right away and then get up early>?
  9. 9 to 5. i obviously ment party at night/sleep at night. duh
  10. I have no idea what you meant, and it wasn't obvious.
  11. Well ok.

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    hash tag fail

  13. I read it as "erection week"
  14. every week is erection week in 050
  15. Hey woot do you know gorinchen ?
  16. gorinchem? shit agglomeration of rotterdam, has its own hospital
    what you want to know about it?
  18. I went there couple of times these last month ... Seemed like a nice place.

    I'd like to stay there for a week end or smth and wanted general impression.

    Is it that shitty ?
  19. I know where it is, never been there though.
  20. It's nothing really special, it's one of the many 30000-50000 citizens cities around Rdam (papapendrecht, alblasserdam, sliedrecht, etc.). It's not that bad, it's just nothing really exciting either. Main cause of death there would be boredom.
  21. Wow this guy has to work at 9am and cant party the night before? Roooffffllllll

    I cant count the amount of times ive went to work at 8am after drinking all night. Just grit your teeth and go in hungover like a man dont be a pansy theres pussy to be acquired, and it sounds easy af
  22. i lost the ability to do that about 6 or 7 years ago. drinking all night is now a recipe for a decimated day after.
  23. this

    but at the ungodly hour of 5am
  24. dude, i have 2 day hangovers. not cool man.

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