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  1. im a big fan of fords and all but this one.... i just dont know
  2. Are you familiar with the term 'fugly'?

    I like the 250 and 350 Super Duty trucks...they're hardcore. This one would be too, but it looks like they tried too hard to make it look tough and aggressive. The result is what looks like a melting block of silver.

    I can appreciate the technology concepts behind it though.
  3. And what a shitty engine. 310 hp 425 torque with a supercharged V10? WTF? The designer needs to be shot (i bet its the same design team that did the Tonka Ford truck a few years back, looks identical in the front)
  4. by fugly, do you mean "it looks like poo poo"
  5. Did you guys even read what is landmark about it?
  6. It's kind of a gressive looking, but it's still a long way from being number 1 on my list.
  7. i think the interior is, well a bit odd to say the least and yes i do know what fugly means im not a noob
  8. can anyone tell me what a tri-fuel V-10 is??? i get the V-10 part but tri fuel?? educate me please
  9. Just big and uninspired.
  10. "The Ford F-250 Super Chief concept takes truck leadership to a new level - as the world's first vehicle with Tri-Flex fueling, enabling the supercharged V-10 to run for 500 miles between fill-ups on hydrogen, E85 ethanol or gasoline."

    Read, you half-wit.
  11. you guys are missing the point... Tri-Fuel
  12. I'm personally a fan. It's obviously named after the Santa Fe Super Chief express of train travel's glory days, and the locomotive look suits me just fine. Hell, I like it. Besides, its kind of nice to think we North Americans will be able to keep our gigantic vehicles as long as we experiment with fuels. Not exactly a new concept, of course-as I recall, the '51 Buick Skylark concept used ethanol as a power-booster...
  13. I wasn't implying that you were a newbie...
  14. I *LOVE* this truck alot!

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