Wellcraft 38 Scarab AVS

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  1. My family owns a lot of property down in FLorida and I am there very often throughout the year. My grandpa's sail boat sank last year, and is looking at this boat as a replacement!!

    Desciption: 1999 38 Scarab w#6 10 hrs on Motors. Built for rough water running 90mph. Pair of 502-with Blower shop blowers calm 750 hp each. Asking $150,000

    Its a sick boat! I dont know much about boats to be honest, but this must fly! He'll be running down in the Sarasota area.

    Anyone can give any input on this type of boat?
  2. Mitch has the same boat.
  3. Thats an awesome boat
  4. whose mitch lol.. and ya i hope he gets it.. id love to boat around the gulf of mexico in that!
  5. if you dont know who mitch is you deserve to die.
  6. God that's a lot of dials
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  8. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with Scarabs because Wellcraft stopped producing them a few years ago. My dad's ex-boss owned one though. He campaigned it in plenty a poker run - they generally have a good reputation among powerboat enthusiasts.
  9. Didnt know they stopped producing them. I wonder why?
  10. ...will eat a TON of gas
  11. My friends dad has one, albeit not with that much power.
  12. probably too many dials/cluttered?
  13. Not sure. Wellcraft is using the "Scarab" name for fishing boats right now, which kinda pales in comparison to the old stuff. It had such a good rep in the offshore community too...

    As for the cluttered dials thing, most offshore powerboats are like that. Because many of them are actually used as designed (raced) and have multiple engines and complex drives and transmissions, they require lots of gauges and whatnot. A poker run or race team will usually have two or three people operating a boat at once (steering, throttles, nav).
  14. Wow, someone must be insecure about the size of their penis.

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