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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeezus, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. my dad just bought a new sony vaio. it runs on windows 7. posting from laptop right now. i love windows 7. it's great. only one slight complaint: every time windows tries to run something it asks for permission wtf. thats lame.
  2. im not exactly sure how, but there is a setting for that somewhere under the control panel, you can turn down the settings for when it asks you stuff, to the point where it pretty much wont ask you anything, unless it takes the admins approval and you are on a guest account or something like that...
  3. just found it, thanks. much better now.
  4. Yeah wute that's UAC, the huge security feature that really helps make it safe, but yes it can be annoying sometimes. I turn it off though cause I've bever had a problem with viruses
  5. What a #%!@.

    I can't shut down. It gets to teh windows is shutting down screen, and stays there.

    When I play CoD4, every time I start it up it says my hardware has changed and if I want to go to safe mode.

    fk u windows 7. I didnt have a problem with XP before I reformatted it.
  6. you probably did something wrong.
  8. Yes, by switching to Windows 7. He should have staid with XP.
  9. The world is changing, gramps.
  10. you did it wrong
  11. what are the useful features
  12. pretty much as stated in all the windows 7 threads already, personally like the ability to pull windows to where you want them and they will contour to that part of the screen, either side will size it to take up half the screen/top will maximize it although the maximize one is useless ass you can still just double click, the other ones on the other hand are great.

    then there is the new tool bar, thats pretty much the best of it imo. its completely customizable like the older one, but just slightly more so. you can now drag and "pin" programs, links, documents, or pretty much anything to it, and it will stay there until you decide to unpin it. its like having access to your deskto without having to close any windows, just makes launching your most used apps that much faster.

    you can also pretty much remove all those annoying windows messages asking you if you are sure you want to do something, or some program you just opened and wants to you download an update, or whatever else windows doesnt trust you to do on your own. thats also a good option, its been days since windows has asked me anything.

    now its still not perfect, and its not really mind blowing, but any time i go back to XP or Vista i notice a lot of small things that add up to a lot.
  13. meh, i have my XP set up perfectly for me, none of these seems worth the effort of reinstalling everything

    looks like i'm skipping this one too
  14. You should skip it.
  15. win 7 is beast
  16. No. Mudkip is a beast.
  17. I will stick to windows xp service pack 3 till windows 7 hasn't been proven totally reliable and user friendly.
  18. Changing to 64bit Seven soon, thought of adding another 4giga ram while at it. Ill report how it goes then...
  19. How do you find that new toolbar to be any better than the classic quicklaunch? I switched back to the regular quicklaunch toolbar when I installed Windows 7.

    With the new toolbar you can't directly reach different windows of a program you've got opened, for example if you have more than one window of your browser open. I want to be able to directly reach those via the taskbar without having to hover above the icon first.
  20. right, so just hover over the icon and then select the window you want...
  21. Yes, that's annoying as shit. How is it better?
  22. Have you tried navigating the control panel? You need a road map.

    Also, some motherboards will not allow you to shut down.
  23. Win7 is very very good. Vista shouldn't exist.

    OSX Snow Leopard is different. Not better.
  24. Since getting 7 my computer wont hibernate like it did when I had XP.

    Like the screen would go black, but the computer would stay on, then click off for a second after a bit, but then come back on.... what gives?
  25. I think your thinking of sleep mode

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