Westboro Baptist Church Vs KKK

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    Washington (CNN) -- Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of counterprotesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery.
    Hours before President Barack Obama led the nation's Memorial Day observances at the Tomb of the Unknowns, three members of the Westboro Baptist Church were challenged by others who disagreed with them -- including members claiming to be from the Ku Klux Klan.
    The Kansas-based church has attracted nationwide attention for its angry, anti-gay protests at the funerals of U.S. military members.
    Among those counter-protesting at the cemetery's main entrance: About 10 members of a group that claims to be a branch of the Ku Klux Klan from Virginia called the Knights of the Southern Cross. They were cordoned off separately in a nearby area, but drew little attention as they gave out small American flags behind a banner that read "POW-MIA."
    They said they were there to object to the Westboro Baptist Church's anti-troop message.
    "It's the soldier that fought and died and gave them that right to free speech," said Dennis LaBonte, the self-described "Imperial Wizard" of the KKK group that he said he formed several years ago.
    "That's fine," said Abigail Phelps, the daughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps. "They have no moral authority on anything.
    "People like them say it's white power ... white supremacy," Phelps said. "The Bible doesn't say anywhere that it's an abomination to be born of a certain gender or race."
    LaBonte insisted he is not a racist nor a "hate-monger," but said he believes the white race is "slowly and most assuredly being denigrated."
    Members of the group declined to say whether they were armed.
    A larger group of about 70 protesters -- separate from the KKK -- located across the street waved pro-USA signs and took turns shouting down the Westboro Baptist Church group.
    Some of the counterprotesters, including Malaika Elias, stood in front of the Westboro participants in an attempt to block them from street view.
    "I think they're twisted and confused, and we're just here to show them there are people who think they're completely wrong," Elias said.
    Many passersby shouted their thanks to the counterprotesters as they entered the cemetery on foot and in vehicles.
    Several police officers, some on horseback, observed the proceedings.
    Phelps said her trio was there to tell people they should not "idolize" the dead, especially those who died for an "unrighteous cause."

    To bad they didn't kill each other.
  2. First they show a clip of a sign saying "pray for more dead soldiers" then a sign saying "God hates your prayers".
    Those Westboro Baptist Church members sure have problems controlling their messages.
  3. Yes, let's give them more attention than they deserve.
  4. WBC exists for 2 reasons one is media attention and the other is to sue the #$%# out of organizations, municipalities etc. that try to limit their free speech.

    It's about money, not message.
  5. To me it seems like most churches in the US is about money.
  6. Everybody knows they are a bunch of clowns, All the media attention does is to give people a good laugh.
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    Meanwhile 4 days ago in Louisiana "senators reject repeal of science act"
    (the act which allows supplemental materials for alternatives to Evolution to be taught in high school science class without violating the constitution)

    - Senators sided with the governor and Christian conservatives who argued the law was designed to promote critical thinking, strengthen education and help teachers who are confused about what's acceptable for science classes.
    - More than 40 Nobel Prize-winning scientists urged the repeal of the law


    Evangelicals are the ones that deserve your attention. What are you doing.
  8. Yes, of course... "in the US"...
  9. Ok,Sorry, You're right, It should be most Churces, As in most churces in the world.
  10. Most religions are fueled by money. Its not just a American thing.
  11. you eat your kids
  12. the american brand of tv evangalism stinks more than most.
  13. Its in my feline persona.
  14. most churches? or most Mega Churches?
  15. Yeah it's probably a question of degree.

    I do find it amazing that protestantism and specifically baptism and evangalism -religious movements which formed largely as a result of the availability of indulgences in the catholic church- essentially operate as giant money grabs.
  16. Thankfully evangalism isn't a big thing in Cali.
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  18. KKK took my baby away
  19. Now you'll starve. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  20. Great, the last thing we needed is 2 groups that should be exterminated giving some sort of credibility to each other just by protesting against each other.
  21. terrible what people do.
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    They are mainly in Hollywood. Most religious people in California are Catholics.
  23. Lol, I can imagine trying to explain Xenu to a really ghetto mexican with Virgen de Guadalupe tattoos all over.
  24. They are luke's brainwashers

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