What’s ur fav YouTube channel

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. MyMopar.com
    Osborn Tramain
    the armorychanel
    JayLeno's garage
    French HDS
  2. SuprJames last video 5 years ago, what a mong
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  3. Yes and what's your point? At least he has a bad ass car and he is a cool dude, unlike you.
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  4. SuprJames was pretty hot, IIRC. Great bod.
  5. I just got a warm, fuzzy feeling. It's like the good old days.
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  6. is that what your boner feels like
    warm and fuzzy
  7. only at the base

  8. the worst motel in america
  9. Movie & TV stuff:
    Alt Shift X
    Lessons from the Screenplay

    Video Game Stuff:
    LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)
    TotalBiscuit (RiP)
    Summoning Salt

    Random Shit:
    Internet Historian
    All Gas No Brakes
    David OReilly
    Lee Hardcastle
    Bill Wurtz
    Michael Cusack

    Car Stuff:
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  10. Good job this isn't a car forum.
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  11. Apparently bro science guy has another channel where he drives the shit out of exotics. Fast forward to 7min to watch two McLarens dirt rally race:
  12. Report of the Week, by far.
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