What 850hp. and only 213mph?

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    i didnt know that<!-- Signature -->
  2. Could someone please explain this to me. It's supposed to be geared for high speeds what's with that.<!-- Signature -->
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    this car reached the HIGHEST top speed ever recorded on a public road, thats why its called the r348 cos 348km/h is what it reached<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from shypo</i>
    <b>this car reached the HIGHEST top speed ever recorded on a public road, thats why its called the r348 cos 348km/h is what it reached</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Oh.<!-- Signature -->
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    did u ever consider that it mau be tuned for acceleration?
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    High cdA? The .35 coefficnt probably suffered from the areo add-ons, and there seems to be a quite a bit of frontal area there.

    Ryan R. Miller
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    the cars ratio is tuned for acceleration, hence why its used on tracks and at races. geared right, sure you could take it well above 230mph. but dont forget the skyliens a preety hefty car and you cant really compare it with the likes of the mclaren f1 jus because of the power of it. youve gotta consider all the toher aspects to.
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    that is a true fact but this car isnt tuned for super high top speed
    it is tuned for acceleration. the 4wd is also a big help on the acceleration part too.
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    The 4wd really helps get those 850hp to the wheels and improves traction and acceleration impressively. If this car was geared differently it would go 230 or 240 easily.
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    Obviously camaro doesn't know quite what it is that so distincly separates the japanese and american car markets. Not to mind the fact that in every aspect of car engineering the japanese are light-years ahead of the americans. Japanese cars are technologically advanced in ways that american manufacturers are too stupid to even figure out. The japanese utilize small displacement engines such as inline 4's and 6's due to their ideal size; these engines weigh the very little and coupled with powerful turbo's the japanese manage to extract the sort of performance from 2.0 liter engines that you can't even see in a 5.4 liter 475 hp supercharged Mustang SVT Cobra. For example the AWD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII (japanese specs) uses a 2.O liter engine with an inredible garret turbocharger capable of something like 23.0 psi of boost and redlines at 7000 rpms, and it's manufacturer, Mitsubishi, claims it's good for 276 hp. Yet this is conservative by about 25. This means a little over 300 hp, out of a 2.O liter engine! It's high output like this that results in greatest performance. The car does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, slaloms at 71 mph, and brakes from 60-0 in 112 ft. All this for 32,000 dollars and out of an engine that is as small as your average japanese economy car. Driving the evolution conservatively (i.e. keeping it below 3,000 rpms) allows a reasonable gas mileage, for a car that puts out well over 100hp per liter, of about 20 miles per gallon.
    In the world of performance cars hp per liter is vitally important. It is a measure of the output of a car, and only the japanese and germans can make cars that even surpass 100 hp per liter. Due to American manufacturers preferance for the archaic pushrod engine layout. Pushrod engines are heavy, and Americans don't come anywhere near the 100 hp/liter benchmark for supercars because the only way they can make a car fast is to make the engine use a heavy old pushrod, with HUGE displacement and TONS of horsepower. The Dodge Viper, America's premiere supercar is fast only because it has 500 hp moving to the rear wheels. Now they chose an 8.3 liter V10 because American car companies don't have the capabilities of getting that sort of horsepower out of something with small displacement and in the inline or v6 realm. The viper gets to 60 in 4.1 seconds and slaloms at about 69, 70 mph. It has a redline of 5,500 rpm. Pretty good that the Evolution can slalom quicker and brake faster, and run almost as fast to 60 for 32,000 dollars and the lancer evolution is actually a civilized car when it needs to be. The viper is uncivilized, low-tech, raw power.
    The Japanese have a 276 hp limit that their regular production cars cannot exceed. Some cars go a little over as you can see with the evolution, but this restriction was put into effect by an environmentalist committee working with the car dealerships to keep emissions down. The Japanese haven't let this barrier keep them from making cars that can destroy american "sports cars" with only half the horsepower. When allowed to exceed the barrier in small production the Japanese have proven that if they were using the sort of horsepower the Americans used they would put the American engineers out of jobs. The Tommy Kaira ZZII uses a twin-turbo 2.6 liter engine supplied from the r34 skyline. The ZZII puts out 543 horsepower with AWD and has a 8500 redline. The car can do 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. Another failure of the pushrod engine is extremely low redlines. The Honda s2000 puts out 120 hp/liter as it is a 240 hp 2.0 liter with a 9,000 redline. Hmmm, i don't think there is a single nascar car that can claim that sort of redline or hp per liter. America's pathetic excuse for a motorsport, NASCAR, pales in performance comparison to the CART leagues that Honda, Toyota and McLaren-Mercedes race in. These cars put 850-900 hp with turbo out of engines as small as 2.3 to 2.4 liters. They redline as high as 18,000 rpm and can run 0-60 in around 2 seconds. Top speeds of 240-250 mph and that is with gears that are tightened for acceleration.

    What does this all mean?
    1. American cars lack the good looking exteriors and attractive, well-appointed interiors of Japanese, german.
    (Americans continue to use unattractive dash layouts with cheap materials and they never have the subtle beauty of interiors in cars made by Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Honda, etc.
    2. American cars have a reputation for recalls, for being high-maintenance, and needing many repairs even early in the vehicle life. Japanese cars can run anywhere from 200-500,000 miles before kicking the bucket (go to Japan and look at their taxis as I have) if well taken care of and with next to no major work, just minor repairs here and there and the usual service that cars need.
    3. Americans lack any cutting edge developments such as hybrids, CVTC, turbo, awd, global positioning systems, dvd navigation, parking sensors, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on. (American car manufacturers just follow the leader and jump on the bandwagon years after the japanese or germans have been using these sort of innovations)
    4. The Japanese use small displacement engines, therefore getting the best gas mileage always for any vehicle in its specified vehicle class (the Americans cant even put a small engine in their damn economy cars, save for the dodge neon, ford escort, and a couple others, which, well i won't even go into the quality of those cars).
    5. Manual gearboxes seem to be a lost cause unless in the american sports cars. Why is that?????? (stupidity)
    6. High redlines don't exist in the American market.
    7. Cars with high resale value dont either.
    8. SOHC and DOHC engine layouts were pioneered by the Japanese and you can see that the Americans are realizing the error of their ways, now altering most of their cars to DOHC (for instance the new mustang cobra is a DOHC) yet many of their sports cars still use the outdated and heavy pushrod engine.
    9. An intelligent I-4 engine or I-6 or powerful V6. American sports cars seem to be mainly V8 or just V6 with huge displacement.

    Japanese cars are, in every aspect of car manufacturing, better in every way than American cars.
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    your a #$%#in idiot the car is 3400lbs and there is much other mods except in the motor and the body kit otherwise it's stock so 213mph is pretty damn good!!
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    actually, you do more damage to engines if you dont rev them much, as it takes longer for the oil etc to flow around the ngine. as for pushrods beating high techs in the twisties, that is rubbish. please, let me quote from on o Jeremy Clarksons books about the american automotive industry: "there is no doubt that america has given the world more in the last 50 years than the world gave itself in the last 40 million. Which is why i'm absolutely staggered to be reminded that a country which can invent a re-useable spaceship, has never been able to make a sports car. Whoa. Here they come, galloping across the prairie, a million strong army of corvette enthusiasts, aguing that thier beloved Chevrolet is a sports car in every way. To which i say, nonsense. The most recently departed version spins so easily that if your park one outside a shop, it will be facing the other way when you come out again. All cars, even f1 racers, need suspension, but that ghastly piece of plastic junk didnt have any. I hated it. Foul is too small a word. I hated the one before even more. and the one before was pretty vile too. but all of them pale into insignificance comared to the first example. this was a child molester in a sea of parking offenders."
    i will skip a little, to another part that caught my eye. "i drove one around detroit for a day or two and i must say while it handled like a hillman and rode like it had square wheels."

    need i say more?
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    answer to no.1: i read it in a car magazine, not some crap redline or similar, i read it in auto express, i cant remember which issue, i doubt u get it anyway, so theres no point trying to find it.
    answer to no.2: so the part where your said: 'And lets not forget the ZR-1 Corvette. As far as pushrods being outdated, its funny cus they still beat the hell out of your "high tech" Jap motors in straight lines and in the twisties.'
    YOU said there that pushrods beat high tech jap cars around the track. so, YOU are the one that came up with the idea of puchrods being good around a track. and, a little proof that a skyline is a good handler, the skyline was the first ROAD LEGAL FULL PRODUCTION car to lap the nurburgring in under 8 minutes. and i wasnt talkin about ferrari's.
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    pushrods are outdated. they are imprecise and cause for engine breahing problems. i dont want to get into technical specifics of why but arguing that somehow pushrods are better is like saying the carburetor is better than fuel injection just because some cars with carburetors run fast. the c5r is a frikkin le mans car. they've dumped quite a bit of money into the c5r program in order for it to dominate in teh alms GTS championship as it has. there is no question that pushrods aren't as good as DOHC motors. ask ANY ENGINEER! you will never get the statement that pushrods are better. your comment in effect basically says that gasoline engine technology has been stagnant for the past 50 some odd years. dohc engines can rev higher and sustain it higher without having as many mechanical problems. name a pushrod engine that can rev to 9000 rpm (excluding nascar engines and lemans cars here) reliably and i'll give you a million dollars.

    secondly. ferrari's main le mans car right now happens to be the 360 modena GT which doesn't even race inthe same category as the c5r. the c5r is a gts car that has more horsepower and is a higher up category than the 360 modena GT. the only GTS car ferrari has is that 550 GTP, whcih happens to have extremely low sponsorship funds. most of ferrari's racing budget happens to be invested in f1...or did you not know that.

    besides what the hell are we debating here? american cars dont suck, neither do jap cars. depends on what cars your evaluating and keep your biased comments to yourself please next time around.
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    EvilNinjaMoby, anyone can come up with a half-decent rebuttle. You haven't really proved any points yourself. If you were to start up a discussion about anything, i can do the same thing you did, so don't go off thinking you're so smart.
    Anyone will admit that OHV engines are outdated. Sure, some of them still perform pretty well. But at what cost? Look at the famed Dodge Viper. Anyone can slap on a huge engine on their cars for 80,000 USD. You haven't realized that the restrictions in other countries exceed that of USA, perhaps excluding California.
    It is not one's opinion when concerning the material quality and design of an american "sports car". Look at the mustangs, they've been using the same interior design for how many years now? and not to mention the Corvettes. it basically looks the same as a GMC Sierra's interior.
    It's true that smaller engines need to get up to high RPMs to have their optimum output. But look at F1s. i dont see them using 10 liter engines to get their hp and their engines rev up to 18,000 RPM. You can't say that F1 racing is the highest form of racing in the world. Back in the turbo era, 1.3 liter engines had maximum outputs of more than 1300hp. that's 1000hp/liter. Sure, you can have the same amount of hp on your big block. but think about how it'll handle on the track if you had a big block behind the driver's seat.
    Z06 and Skyline GT-R? the fact is that the Skyline is actually a sedan, and the GT-R is just a derivative. It still shares the same body construction of a "family sedan" so it'd be unfair to compare it to the all mighty Z06.
    how would you feel if i compared a Impala SS with a R390GT1? exactly.
    American cars are known for their gas guzzling engines. Why do you think Ford came up with their Focus and its ZETEC engine? they realized that the majority of people werne't willing to drive a car that had poor gas mileage. I've yet to see even a concept of a supercar that had good gas mileage from American companies.
    Take a look at the Honda Dualnote/Acura RN-X. 400hp, 40mpg. Honda is smart enough to know that the gas prices are soaring up and never looking back, so they come up with innovative engine design/layout and even using electric motors to be efficient.
    American automakers are realizing this too. perhaps too late, but they know that it has to be. just look at some of their new concepts, such as the GM's Hy-Wire.
    i dont think there's a reason to continue this discussion. what are you going to do now, go waste your time looking up everything i said and make witty comments again? that's not getting you anywhere.

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