What a peice of shit

Discussion in '2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept' started by halliday_jeff, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Looks like a sub, someone throw it in the ocean.<!-- Signature -->
  2. like I said what a peice of shit, hands down. If I wanted a peice of shit id reach into my damn toliet. K first off, the front of the car struck me as amazingly gay. A #$%#ing elephant could get stuck in that. You would think this car would have more than 350hp. Pretty slow for a car that has 353hp. Pretty heavy to. What a peice of shit. Ugly as hell. What a shame. Dodge is just wasting their time.
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    hey man if the car was made to perform then they wouldnt have made it a 4 door. Its a classic! The classic seats, ooh l love the interior, and overall its a pretty nice SEDAN. Sure you may think its ugly and i did too but after a while it got pretty cool. <!-- Signature -->
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    Its not slow for the amount of power it has but it sure does look like shit.
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    Why would you think that it would have more than 350 hp? The most a modern production american car makes is 500 or so in the new viper. 350 hp is a good amount in a non performance intended car. Just look at it and you can see that performance was not a focus ok. You say its heavy and slow for 353 hp, what do you expect from a heavy car with 353hp. Do you know anything about gearing? It might be geared for good mileage. Gearing and weight can make a huge difference in a cars 0-60 times. Get your head out of your ass. Your opinion is yours but you have much to learn about what makes a car move.
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    I love dodge but I have to agree hands down one big ugly muthaf*%^ing
    piece of shit
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    damn 22" rims?! geez id rather have bigfoot hummer tread. I could just see it now people trying to park this boat and scuffing up their rims, oh that just sucks.
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    You aint kidding
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    UUGGGGHHH! This is UGLY! I hope this never comes out, the Dodge Magnum SRT 8 is much better! This GARBAGE!
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    I'll tell you this, though. It's a fast piece of shit on wheels.
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    Could be the ugliest car i have ever seen.... Why would anyone even build this concept, Its DISCUSTING!
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    It's definitely fast, but kinda slow for the weight and power, for example the Subaru Impreza WRX only has 227hp, weighs not a whole lot less at 3200lbs, and yet it does 0-100km/h in .3 seconds less time (yes the AWD helps) there shouldn't be that much difference, unless of course they geared this for poor acceleration.
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    Did you people even READ the introduction to this car? Give it some credit for what it is, a tribute to the great cars of the '50s. Dodge was going retro when they designed this car. Personally I like how this car looks. Of coarse its no McLaren F1 or Ferrari in style or performance though the performance is very nice for a car that weighs 3600 lbs and is geared like a normal car and the style is retro '50s so leave it alone. The 22s its riding on would most likely be 17s if it ever went into production, which it never will.
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    This is the ugliest piece of crap i've seen and I hope it soesn't go in production. Why would anyone one want it? Dodge is wassting thier time.
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    Um, have you read about all the technology that the car is swamped with, and you cant be picky about the horsepower, it gives you plenty expecially if its supposed to be geared toward the family sedan kinda scene. I do think it needs a new front facia, its defenitly not too appealing. But thats only based on opinion, and people cant just say "its ugly it sucks."
  16. Out of 28 of my other replies this is the first time im sayin-THIS IS UGLY.....MY NEIGHBOUR LOOKS BETTER THAN THIS!!!

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