What age did you start shaving at?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CorksComeback, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. what did you shave, ur balls?
  2. I don't recall. Probably about 14-15.
  3. 16 17 maybe
  4. I don't remember. Maybe 16?
  5. 15. about 17 or 18 daily
  6. 15 weekly, 16 bi daily
  7. 15. few months ago.
  8. 16, im ghettin to the point where it will have to be daily
  9. bi daily????
  10. every second day
  11. Probably 14, don't really remember.
  12. I had fluff at age 12 which i used to shave off because it looked ugly, I didn't get actual facial hair untill age 15.
  13. I started shaving about 3-4 times a month when I was 12, and I started shaving daily at 17.
  14. What you talking about you look ugly.
  15. I've been shaving since twelve, when the peachfuzz started to get thick and ugly, but I didn't get actual hair until about 17 and a half. I've been shaving every other day since then.

    BTW, kids whose hair hasn't completely thickened yet and who try to grow mustaches and beards and shit look stupid.
  16. i had a friend that started shaving in sixth grade... anyway i was a freshmen when i started... so 14-15ish.
  17. I started shaving my cheeks about once a week when I was 11. Now I've given up hope and just trim every once in a while.
  18. dunno, I just clipper it. much easier.
  19. 15-16 I think

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