What an amazing car!

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  1. I love this car. The last time i saw it (also the only time) it won the race (Silverstone ELMS 2000) The sound of the V12 is wonderful.
    It looks great too. Shame it isn't still going. Given that it was designed to a slightly different rulebook as the Audi R8, and it still beat the R8 on one occasion, this car was at least the equal of the R8, and, with modification, still could be.
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    The R8 is designed better. THe R8 is easier to fix and get back on the race track. THats why the R8 easily won its first le mans.
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    The LMR won its first LM outing too...
    Besides the r8r has alot of things based off the LMR on it. The rollhoop and rasied footbox just to name a few...
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    Audi's are useless, the only reason that they win Le Mans is because they are up against mainly crap cars. I wonder what would happen if the R8R was up against an updated LMR. . . . . . the LMR would win hands down, by the end of the fifth lap the audi team would be heads in hands crying. Then the driver of the car would start, consequently crashing the car.
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    um. no, but this car looked better in black...
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    I agree with you.
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    The R8 is one of the most successful cars in LM racing, much like what Ferrari is to Formula One right now. Do me a favor and shut up.
  12. yup a true masterpiece!

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