What are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. im sitting in the sun(shirtless, #$%# yeah) in the garden of my parents, with my laptop on my lap. enjoying the nice weather, while checking facebook/sc.net and shit. life is good.
  2. Browsing the internet, probably going to eat breakfast soon.
  3. just got up, its almost noon, sun is shining, gonna put on some clothes and maybe make lunch and then start the day from there
  4. In a #$%#ing boiling hot south facing office with no AC thats 30C. Just finished a powerpoint presentation about liquid-chromatography-mass-spectrometry I have to give on tuesday. So now Im gonna #$%# off home and maybe even go and drive my bike to the seaside and chill for a bit, before going out for a few drinks tonight
  5. just about to take the afternoon off work to go golfing , ride the motor bike , then play some tennis , bbq for dinner tonight.
  6. At work wondering why worthless people don't get fired from the government.
  7. Sitting in an office while its #$%#ing beautiful out. I sit here 9-hours a day doing absolutely nothing. It's terrible.
  8. I am "working" too.
  9. On lunch break, nomming some rabbit food.
  10. Making chicken.
  11. Eating 'Davidstow cornish crackler, a full-flavoured and flinty extra matured cheddar'

  12. Update: Eating chicken.
  13. Currently sitting in the lunch room, eating and postin on sc.net. Just finished my BCA assay for my protein a purified polyclonal antibody I made.
  14. just checking SCN before going to the pub with Leo (Atomic2)
  15. preparing for driving up north, 3h30 from Montreal, for a nice weekend in the nature.
  16. im surfin naked.
  17. just finished playing basketball and eating
    now im gonna go shower, read, go downtown, maybe buy a tank top to show off the gunz
  18. Suns out
    guns out

    I'm out, have a good week-end folks.
  19. just finished watching top gear on tv, waiting for my deepfried food to get ready, watch some news on tv or something. having a beer as well(gulpener)
  20. Hitting 'Post Reply' after composing this message.
  21. Home from town, was out in cinema to watch X-men. Its 0020 and you could still read outside, athough sun has already set. Not too cold either, but a long sleeve shirt is required.

  22. I am outside apartment on shikumen with neighbor old lady. We smoke cigarette and listen to music while kill eel cut head off with knife to make deliciours soup.
  23. I was sleeping.
    Now Im about to go to work.
  24. home from work. just got groceries. waiting for a buddy to go workout, remington style

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