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  1. caffeine anhydrous
    200mg in a pill
    you dont get that feel good warmth you get from coffee, but you do get perked up!
    and no coffee breath
    cheap as, too
  2. Just had a can of Classic Coke
  3. Drinking some Remy martin VSOP right now
  4. Enjoying this / the new Radiohead album...
  5. Glass of Yellow Tail red vine. Bought my last bag of coffee beans from Lidl, third of regular cost and ok tasting. I read the batches there vary alot. Yes, self ground coffee is good.
  6. +1 for Lidl coffee. Now I don't feel so poor.
  7. what does a bag of lidl beans cost?
  8. Mezcal margaritas. Mezcal might be trendy and hipster but I am what I am
  9. Recently bought some cheap whiskey called Deanston (no idea if it's well-known). While it's nice and smooth to drink, it has a high level of alcohol that catches up with you when you're not ready. But the interesting part is how badly it affects my morning afters. Even if I only had one glass. That shit leaves me with headaches and regret.

    Also, here's a picture of some bottles we have laying around.

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  10. Had alot of Texel beer at my sis' wedding. Also a glass of Jopenbier, but that tasted too much like Affligem to me, one of the few Belgian special beers I don't really like. So I washed that away with more Texel beer and Jupiler/Hertog Jan later on, which are regular decent pints. I clinged my glass with my nephew's (1.5 year old) plastic cup of applejuice and said Proost (dutch for Cheers), it made him smile. He then walked off and started clinging his glass while saying proost with another 30-odd people that were walking around there, having the time of his life, hahaha.
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  11. Modafinil is much better
  12. Bellarom Espresso ~11 euro/kg.
  13. Could be a minor allergy to something in it. Certain vodkas give me literal instant hangover feeling after a couple of shots.

  14. Nah, it's just cheap and 46.5% alcohol.
  15. Rye whiskey, man. A mid-Atlantic staple, they do it best. I've got a bottle of the local Catoctin Creek Distillery's 'Roundstone Rye', which I'll conserve by consuming more affordable ryes from Knob Creek and Bulleit. Yerm
  16. i dont know how to get that and caffeine pills are cheaper than anything
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  18. Yea this works too
  19. Treated myself to some GrandCru Rodenbach. Hmm
  20. Beer I brought back from England

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  21. Oranjeboom that's one of the worst beers ever. And canned! Dude!
  22. Tito's quite a bit recently.

  23. haha yes as you can see it is the odd one out , it was in the fridge of the air b&b I rented while over there so it made the trip back because hey free beer is free...
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  24. Where in England were you?

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