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  1. whatever he likes in corona is done better by somebody else
  2. It wasn't my choice, but it's cheap and like, I can drink it like water so w/e. I'm not sophisticated.
  3. Corona is actually enjoyable, no need to feel guilty. I'm a craft beer snob, but a Corona with lime is a non-guilty pleasure for me.
  4. I think I already said it but Coors Light Banquet is the best beer
  5. Didn't even have any lime!
  6. I'm not, really. I'll have it occasionally if I'm in a "proper pub" but yeah it's not my thing.
  7. Oh yeah I bought a couple of bottles of this recently from the supermarket.


    I wanted to taste more of the purported "coriander, orange peel and nutmeg" on the label. Also, the "spicy notes" didn't seem to materialise. It was OK.
  8. corona with a lime is fun because it reminds me of summer parties
  9. Tonight I was having a store pick of Russells Reserve bourbon out of a shop in Mississippi known for their barrel picks. Then I decided to pour my unicorn bottle, which I thankfully found myself in the wild and not for $800 on the secondary market -- Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond, distilled 1972, bottled 1979.

  10. Of F&F you mean
  11. What do 40 years in a bottle do to a whiskey/bourbob/scotch?
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    Nothing. The key with Old Grand Dad of this age is that this company (National Distillers) stopped bottling in 1992 and sold their brands to Beam who ramped up production and used a different yeast, as well as much shorter aging times. Totally different whiskey. Actually they sold to Beam in 87, but there was so much aged stock left over that Beam was bottling ND stock until 1992.

    Old bottle effect is a thing, but usually a very slight thing. Unless your bottle is a leaded crystal decanter, which is a whole 'nother discussion.

    A sealed quart or liter of OGD 100pf from 92 or before is worth a solid $650-800 depending on condition. They used to sell for $20-30.
  13. Two Oz. of bourbon with 1/2 Oz. of creme de cacao and a splash of bitters on the rocks.
  14. in my Family, you can have any brew you want... as long as it's a Corona
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  15. That sounds really refreshing, good take on an Old Fashioned for sure. Did you find it or come up with it yourself?
  16. This reminds me of that time we had to clear my grandpa's old shed and found some liquors he had distilled before he passed away (in 1992). We think they were pomegranate (hard to tell from taste alone) and we tried them carefully because we didn't want to die.
  17. [​IMG]

    Tastes weird for a pilsner.
  18. A friend of mine owns a couple pubs and we were messing around one day trying to fins his one pub a signature drink. Between the two of us we came up with it.
    The creme de cacao takes the edge off the cheap bar bourbon(wild turkey) And the bitters numbs down the sweetness of the creme de cacao.
    It's a nice balanced flavor.
  19. I was greedy and drank all my Oktoberfest-Märzen before Oktober so now I have to resort to Hefeweizen and Helles. Not complaining though, Mittenwalder makes good Weissbier.

  20. This barley wine has been sitting in my cupboard for 3 years now since I bought it when I visited the brewery. I heard that these high alcohol beers are good for cellaring, and I decided to keep it in stock until the year I finish my PhD, which is this one.




    I had this beer before in a beer festival, and it tasted like any other barley wine/belgian quadrupel: strong alcohol flavour, super sweet, bubblegum, kinda of sickly.

    After 3 years sitting in the dark I feel that this beer became drier, with a nutty/leather finish. The main flavour is raisins, like a dessert wine or a port. Also, it's not as sweet as when it was fresh. The flavour of alcohol has also been greatly diminished.

    Now I have to finish this big bottle of 11% beer by myself. I only had half a glass and I'm already buzzed.
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  21. I mean, I far as I know this thing has been silently fermenting for the past 3 years. It's now probably above 11% alcohol.

    Also, the mouthfeel is amazing. Kinda like velvety.
  22. Sol, and Koppaberg apple cider
  23. The majority of you drink trash.

    I'm not being snobby. I love trash.
  24. I only drink IPAs because hipster.

    Actually, IPAs are shit.

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