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  1. Sours and pale ales, when it comes to beer. Sierra Nevada PA is still a go-to. But mostly gin and tonic.
  2. IPAs are pumpkin spice lattes for white guys
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  3. I found all the boutique American beers I had tried in Washington and Oregon to be too bitter. Most of them were pale ales/IPA. Not enough lagers, stouts and Belgian ales.
  4. IPAs have gone too far in american beer bro culture

    i dont always want a 7%abv loaf of bread to the gut
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  5. They're not bad, they're also not the only thing out there. It's the picky, D-Bag snobs that bother me.
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  6. they arent, but at any place with like 20 taps, 13 of them will be strong ipas.
    which isnt bad. id be more upset if everyone was drinking lambics or saissons or whatever
  7. Come at me snow flakes
  8. I drank some mezcal from south of the border that a friend supplies. Super smooth Working on importing it.
  9. I've actually been moving away from whiskey and bourbon for a while after I tried some Rums from this brand 'Plantation'. I tried their Trinidad aaaand Barbados? I think? As well as one made with pineapple rinds. All were fantastic just sipped with ice.
  10. I don't really drink anymore. Getting old.

    Only the ocassional westmalle tripel, brugge tripel or a glass of red wine.
  11. Had a couple Moscow mules
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  12. the member ranking under everyones names are pretty funny

    w00t is a "STAFF MEMBER"

    diggs is a "RESPECTED MEMBER"

    finger11 and tree50 are just "MEMBER"

    i guess i just think the idea of w00t being staff at this website is pretty funny
  13. Meadjito from Fallentimber Meadery, Perfect drink this summer.

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