What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 3, 2016.

  1. just gave Voivod - Phobos (1997) a relisten, forgot how awesome it was. Made for great background while cleaning up hundreds of spam threads in Euro cars.
  2. Found this girl via a podcast that does "Sleeper Songs" every week and one of the dudes played her. Voice is incredible and music has a very old school Jazz feel a la Billie Holiday.

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  3. This shit goes left real fast in the third verse
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  5. If it has to be Japanese, I really enjoy this one, it's like RHCP on steroids

    edit: 0:38 sounds like "shut your pussy, get the phone!"
    edit2: 1:03 "all it mean wanna glide at my friendzone"
  6. Those spam threads are relentless
  7. fkin lol'd @ 0:38

    There's so many different sounds in there. I'm hearing Offspring, Korn, RHCP, New Found Glory(and all the other bands like that from the early 00's) etc. It's hilarious
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  8. My favourite Rolling Stones song, midnight rambler:

  9. I don't know if you like rap music here but some of best rappers for me in NY. I have all seen them in live in Paris, they are all good but the most craziest are the Flatbush Zombies


  10. It's like a redneck Afroman
  11. Man, deep house takes me back to a time where life was good and without worry.
  12. As if anyone here clicks each other's links.
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  13. I mostly do but didn't click on this.

    Here's another link that one might or might not click: ENGINE (genre=d00t)

  14. I wanna marry this guy
  15. Who? Wheeler Walker Jr. Or me?
  16. Walker but I'll also trophy-marry you if there's room for three in you bunker. The more the merrier, eh?
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  17. I was gonna say....... if you want in.......

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