What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 3, 2016.

  1. Disney playlists
  2. Norway at it's best.

  3. Good relaxing doot doot
  4. Been listening to stuff like this recently.

  5. On this edition of "music from high school":

  6. Does anyone on this site like 60's&70's soul/funk/R&B?
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  7. you mean like bruno mars
  8. I like Bruno Mars
  9. Could a mod please change the thread title to "Bruno Mars Discussion"?
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  10. I sort of met Bruno Mars once at a restaurant. He hit on my girlfriend right in front of me on the way to his table. While she tried to brush him off in a "haha, I'm going to pretend you're joking" way, I did the "Jim Halpert Look" at his bodyguard and his bodyguard gave me a really awkward shrug.

  11. Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  12. I hate this shitty site
  13. This in the backround
  14. This isn't in English, but should be musically enjoyable to the masses.
  15. A few good night songs that I forgot about that I'm glad I remembered. The band is Until The Ribbon Breaks. Not sure how popular they are but I dig these two...

  16. I've been singing along to these two tracks a lot lately


  17. Catchy and positive! I get a Stevie Wonder vibe actually.
  18. Yeah I got that sense, too. The rest of the album seems decent too.
  19. My album of the week.
  20. I found a podcast about great albums and it has me listening to old music

    okkervil river the stand ins and third eye blind self titled

    have to start listening to new odezsa, im going to see them in vegas next week
  21. I found a spotify playlist with over 11 hours of gopnik Hardbass

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