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  1. Surprised we dont have a thread like this

    I watched Manhunt Unabomber on netflix recently, thought it was really great.

    I also watched mindhunter, about the guys who developed psychological profiling for serial killers. really interesting, may be a little slow (i find a lot of netflix shows are kind of slow burns, like long movies or something.) Crazy to think that before these guys figured this stuff out there were serial killers just roaming around with nobody connecting dots

    Watched Ozark too, and really liked it. kind of a breaking bad type thing, kind of good guy with family is involved with money laundering for the cartel
  2. The new black mirror season was ok.
    Mindhunter is not really doing it for me, but still watching.
    Friends from College is ok but not as funny as I had hoped.
    Family Tree is fun in the usual Christopher Guest sort of way.
    Need to finish up Baskets - really good show.
    Glitch is a rando netflix thing that is kinda dumb but hoping it gets better.
  3. Black Mirror is good. The season finale was pretty cool. I'm watching Dark on Netflix. Pretty interesting German? show.
  4. I enjoyed all the shows in the OP. Currently watching season 6 of New Girl as it was only recently added to Netflix here.

    Also was recommended Reggie Yates on Netflix. It's ok but a little tiring. And I can't quite get over the fact that this dude wore an Audemars Piguet when in a crime-ridden Cape Town township to document muggings and stabbings.
  5. watched season 1 of mr robot, pretty good, a little heavy handed with the mental illness shit
  6. Watched Rotten on Netflix. It's about how fucked up the big food industry is in certain segments. Pretty interesting

    Watching Dirty Money now, kind of like American Greed in a way. First episode was about the VW diesel scandal and the second episode was about Scott Tucker and his payday cash advance scheme.
  7. started watching Waco. its pretty interesting and makes you realize theres always two sides to everything
  8. ill watch that waco show once it hits streaming

    the OJ stuff got me interested in big events like this. so much detail and complexity

    speaking of which, have you guys seen the OJ doc thats on hulu? the 8hour doc, not the cuba gooding/david schwimmer joint?

    its like 6 hours long and i found it endlessly fascinating. such a crazy fucking story

    I also watched Get me Roger Stone on netflix, interesting look into dirty politics. roger stone guy seems like an unashamed asshole. seems like he didnt make the doc himself, but he gets plenty of airtime and gets to tell his side and still comes off like an asshole.
  9. I am hooked on last man on earth. Which is very odd because I can't stand Will Forte.
    And Bob's Burgers is awesome.
    The Ranch is good too.
  10. I've never been able to stick with a series and actually enjoy it all the way through. Been watching some House reruns lately and that's fine.
    My roommate watched (and in turn made me watch) Mad Men recently and it was an absolute waste of time. No idea what made people watch that crap.
  11. I watched the season 2 of The Crown. Pretty good, probably not factually correct most of the time. I'm watching The Good Place now. Silly but entertaining comedy.

    I feel that I don't have patience with TV series and movies anymore. I enjoy watching a few select things that I know I'll like, and I'm not willing to try new stuff. I constantly rewatch old TV shows that I enjoy just because it's better than actually trying something new.
  12. Mad Men is probably my favorite TV show ever. It's absolutely incredible, but it's not for everyone. The plot and characters are really subdued, and most people think it's boring because no one is killing anyone and there are no explosions.

    When Mad Men was at it's peak I remember that The Onion had a piece saying something like "Each 3 episodes of Mad Men counts as the equivalent of reading a book". A lot of critics said that Mad Men was like a classical american novel, such as The Great Gatsby or Revolutionary Road. Alas, human drama novels are not exactly popular with folks either.
  13. If a movie were to waste 3 hours of your time before anything would happen, you'd be burning the cinema. But when a TV series does it (Mad Men took even longer in some cases), it's art.
  14. A 13-ep series that has 44 minutes per episode can get away with spending a bit of extra time on character development and suspense-building in a way a movie cant afford to dick around with. The problem is when theres consistently no return on the investment.

    Gotta Get Saul got away with two and a half seasons of total squadoosh somehow. Im surprised that hasnt beem cancelled yet.
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    Well, I can tell that with Mad Men there are no occasions of "nothing happening". What you have is a bunch of scenes of characters sitting in doors, having conversations. The average modern viewer values murder, explosions, very obvious plot points, over the top character traits and on-the-nose references. For them, Mad Men is boring as hell since it values subtlety and understatement.
  16. I remember an interview with Sofia Coppola after she released one of her movies, called "Somewhere". The first scene of the movie is a ˜5 minute take of the main character driving his Ferrari 360 in circles on an empty parking lot.

    Clearly that scene was used to illustrate the themes of the movie, which were the ennui and existential detachment of Hollywood. But in an interview, when asked about why she added that scene to the movie, Coppola said something like (I paraphrase here): "I heard from this old filmmaker that you should add a very boring scene right at the beginning of the film so all the idiots leave the cinema and only the grown ups stay".
  17. Unabomber is great yeah.

    I just finished American crime history: o.j. simpson trial

    That shit is good as well
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  18. Stop patronizing us with your fancy soap opera.
    It was 95% dialogs which weren't all that sharp and only cinematographically "impressive" because of their portrayal of the 60's. Not even sure if it was all that accurate, but I'll give them that.
  19. Star trek discovery is good.
  20. Assuming someone is an idiot because they prefer explosions to wine sipping is pretty idiotic.
    I do like Mad Men though.
  21. Your assessment is pretty wrong. It's ok if you don't like it, but the things you are saying don't match reality.

    I don't understand maths, so if I see an equation I won't say that it's rubbish and that it lacks soundness.
  22. I think that the core of the idea is that some people can only hold their attention if something very obvious is happening on screen. Per se, there is nothing wrong with preferring an action packed thing over a human drama. What baffles me is the attitude of "omg there is nothing happening here, this is awful and booooring".

    For me this is the equivalent of refusing to read a book because "it doesn't have any pictures in it", and then blaming the work for being weak. Like, no. Own up for your preferences and say that you don't like it, rather than externalizing the blame.
  23. Talking about non-stop action, this film is awesome:

    The trailer doesn't do it justice. It all takes place in one night after two brothers rob a bank and then try to escape/fix things, and it's all uninterrupted shit going down one after the other. The trailer also made it look more serious than it is.

    I recommend this movie, it's amazing.
  24. Just because I didn't like something doesn't mean I didn't understand it.

    I also don't like Game of Thrones for a lot of the same reasons (mostly dialogs, too much "suspense" between happeninha, unclear settings. But also too many characters I couldn't keep up with).
  25. i watched better call sauls eps on netflix and liked it

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