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  1. mad men isnt for me either, too slow of a burn

    love game of thrones.
    not everything is for everyone, obviously
    but all high quality shows are dialogue heavy. you have to pay attention and put a little effort into understanding how plot is developing and how tension is built

    ive heard people say they dont like shows like breaking bad because 'its all a bunch of talking'
    ya dummy, pay attention and youll get why everyone thinks its a great show
  2. I just like Jon Hamm's acting. I'd probably watch a show about paint drying if he was in it.
    Also, this is that show Dark I was talking about. Kind of weird and can be confusing (all Aryans look alike) but still good.
  3. its okay to say you like to watch it because jon hamm is so handsome. he really is. hes also really funny, hes been on comedy bang bang a few times and can totally hold his own. life isnt fair

    ill watch dark eventually. its not subtitled or dubbed is it?
  4. He was funny in Keeping Up with the Jonses.
    It's dubbed.
  5. but hes funny doing improv!
  6. This is also great to watch

  7. Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds
  8. Catfish is good to watch. Seeing people simp out makes me feel good.
    Atlanta is pretty funny too. Probably my favorite scene:
  9. I remember seeing that scene in Atlanta and being like wtf is that unfinished CGI there. Atlanta is awesome.

    I started watching Wormwood on Netflix. Pretty great so far:

  10. just heard about wormwood on Intercepted
    probably will watch
  11. I heard about it on Intercepted too, but also in another podcast at the same time (My Favorite Murder). So bizarre when the world of podcasts collide
  12. Talking about Atlanta, the funniest episode was the one that with the Paperboi interview and the history about the guy transitioning from black to white:

    This shit was hysterical funny
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  13. Lol yeah. The show is awesome. It can be so serious but so funny about the seriousness.
  14. Series of exploitables based on a comic by artist Joan Cornell√°. In the comic, a mother catches her son watching something inappropriate. She scolds him before changing the DVD to something even more inappropriate.
  15. good to have you back stewacide
  16. The Death of Stalin. This movie was full of LOLs

  17. Just started watching Black mirror. I know i'm late, but this series is great.
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  18. Lots of stuff on youtube. Vids of people pressure washing dirty concrete and moldy decks, teardowns of decommissioned dams, rebuilding brick paver driveways, cleaning out storm sewer blockages, time lapses of building stuff like retaining walls and backyard sheds, road bridge replacements, failed home inspections, lots of winter driving videos. Weird stuff like that.
  19. whatever makes you hard, man
  20. you dont know what revs my engine
  21. Watched Annihilation last night. Cant decide still if I liked it or not.
    I mean it was good. But it was strange.
    I was very into it. But was left almost confused at the end. Anybody else watched it yet?
  22. It was a good concept. Didn't really understand the ending.
  23. Watching A-typical and Broadchurch now. Both very good imo.
  24. Yeah. Didn't explain anything. Maybe leaving itself open for a sequel? I dunno
  25. The World Cup and nature shows. I'm my dad.

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