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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by FORD1, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Think whatever you want you're going to disagree with anything I say anyhow, but any way you slice it the Mustang having two real seats and those things that can really only comfortably hold children in the back doesn't make it better than the Corvette.
  2. the only thing you've done in this thread is tell people how stupid they are because they like a slower mustang better than your fanatically obsessed corvette, of which you'll probably never own.

    easy. i like mustangs better. for an opinion, that's all you need. how about that? i think they look better, i'm a fan of fords, i'd have an unlimited warranty, i'm more familiar with fords than new vettes, i don't need a sports car, i wouldn't want to spend that much money on a car i think isn't that good looking.

    i'm not name calling. you're seriously retarded, based on the responses you've been giving people. it's as simple as calling the sky blue.
  3. You tell that beetch, Pope.
  4. Tough match both cars are great. I pick the stang because it has that retro look and it is an affordable performance car.
  5. based on styling i prefer the mustang but the performance bug in me loves the corvette. i voted stang.
  6. The Corvette can easily transport 4 people, and makes an ideal daily driver, and only car, no matter where you live.
  7. Umm no it can`t, The Corvette only has two seats! how can you fit four people into it?

    I voted for the Vette, for obvious reasons. Although this is the nicest Mustang since the late 60s, and the one newer Mustang I would actually concider buying.
  8. I will own a Corvette it's not a maybe situation, the only way I won't have one is if I die in the near future. You can say I'm retarded on the internet all you want I don't care how big your internet balls are it means nothing to me. The fact remains the only thing that you can find that is better about the Mustang is opinion oriented things, and that is as true as the sky is blue.
  9. The Mustang is none of those things either, you can't easily or comfortably transport 4 people in a Mustang, and many people that have Corvettes use it for a daily driver so your sarcasm is pointless.
  10. i'm not saying the mustang is better, i never have, and i never will. they're too different cars for different markets/purposes, if you'd open your eyes, you'd notice the title is 'What Car do u like (LIKE) better.' you bashed people for having a different opnion than you, for absolutely no reason.

    it has nothing to do with internet balls, or whatever that means, it has to do with how you act, and the content of your posts.
  11. Wrong I didn't bash people for not thinking the Corvette is better, I said I think it's funny that people like the Mustang better than the Corvette, I never said oh whoever is retarded because of such and such. My post was aimed at p996t anyway because he hates Corvettes.
  12. I've been in an 88' Firebird Formula with 5 other people before, you can definitely fit 4 in the Mustang easily, and a Corvette wouldn't make sense as a daily driver where I live, because the poor road conditions would be hell on the suspension, and the low clearance wouldn't help. I also wouldn't feel too comfortable parking a C6 on the street where I live, a Mustang would be no problem though. I think the Corvette as a much better car, but if I only had one car, the Mustang would just make more sense.
  13. and thats the only reason he hates it is because it has the name Corvette.
  14. 1. not true
    2. I don't hate it
  15. C6, because it performs better.
  16. Such pointless bickering...Can't we all have different opinions without bashing each other? Love, people...love!
  17. I like the Mustang better
    I love the way it looks so garish
    certtainly better looking than that frog on wheels ferrari
  18. you suck.
  19. I think you may be one of the biggest fanboys of this site.
  20. Lies. I remember about the thread with the c6 report and test drive made by the Top Gear team. You backed it up at 100% and you acknowledged all what the Top Gear team said even if it was #$%#ing misleading bullshit.
  21. Now what could it be that gave that away? Hmmmmmmmmmm
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  23. Oops wrong why around. lol ( how could u make that mistake )

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