What Car do u like better

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by FORD1, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Oops wrong why around. lol ( how could u make that mistake )
  2. both cars are obviously great,... but i personally would pick a c6 over it, but for the money i can easily get a mustang in the near future.....

    the corvette in the other hand is gonna be out of reach for a while, because i have to get a damn family van =(
  3. I think the mustang is better in the more power for your money 300 hp for under 30,000. What other sports car can u get for under 30,000. thats this nice and built quality. The corvette does have alot of power, but 50,000 dollors worth. 100 hp more than the mustang. So about 20,000 dollors for 100 hp more
  4. So?

    And it was not BS.
  5. Tuff choice, but I think I would go with the 'vette. (By saying i think i would go with the vette does not mean I think the Mustang sucks. I think it is also a very nice car but I picked the 'vette becuase its got excellent performance and looks IMO.)

    Figured I better explain my answer if I didn't want to get jumped by Corvette or Mustang fans. I think some of you need to hug and make up instead of looking for flaws in the other person's pick!
  6. stang is the best for the less money u could buy sum upgrades to make it just as fast plus the mustang is the best looking car on the road
  7. thats right, son! the C6 is more ferrari looking. classic yet modern styling owns ur motha

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