What car should i buy?

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by AutoTalk, Aug 10, 2002.

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    If I was you I would buy supra since they are better. If you are planning to buy new rx7 then it would be better since older rx7 doesnt seem to be as good as new ones!
  2. A Toyota Supra (93-98) or a 93-95 Mazda RX7? Personally, i think both of these cars are great overall. They both have poweweful engines and great designs, but i don't know which 1 to choose. Ya'll gotta help me. Write back please!
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    i think that if u really wanna get looks then buy the supra...but if ur looking for power then go for the Rx7...plus the Rx7's got the rotary....and i think they look better customized than the supras..but that's only my opinion...so i say go for the Rx7..they dont even make them n e more.
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    Depends. If you are going used, I would say Supra, otherwise lan on some maitenance on the Rx-7. Those seals, particularly on the TT's will give out after 80K miles or so. If you see a RX-7 and you suspect neglect, your probably better off abandoning it. The Supras engine is bulletproof. Both can become seriously fast. Personaly, I would like the RX-7 more, it is just more stylish and as fast as I will ever need. But its safer to go with the Supra. Both cars in their turbo iterations are quite fast, though the RX-7 will definitely out-turn the Supra.<!-- Signature -->
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    Supra rules all the waY its stronger faster and easier to tune i would take supra and i think supra looks better :p<!-- Signature -->
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    hold up. . the supra does not weigh around 3900lbs! its more like 3400. the rotary engine in an rx-7 is 1.3L not 1.6L. and it does not reach 300hp stock. and finally, rotaries have a very hard time passing emissions
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    well i got a 1986 Magna...u should get 1...?

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