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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Pinin, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Within the next four weeks:

    If you reset your password, you get 10 FL tokens

    If enough of the users reset their passwords, they will do a freeleech

    Spread the word
  2. people still download music?
  3. uh, of course they do?
  4. Spotify, online radio etc. makes downloading obsolete
  5. not really.

    also, "streaming" still needs your computer to be downloading data.

    "music downloading" is the norm, not dead.
  6. I'm with w00t. Don't really know anyone who still actively downloads music.
  7. Why is a password change the call to action?
  8. I download FLAC and listen with my Sennheiser cans, like a goddamn hipster.

    I stopped using what.cd because maintaining a positive ratio is for suckers.
  9. Totally untrue. So much stuff I want to listen to not on spotify.

    Enjoying some Four Tet Madvillainy remixes at this moment.
  10. Leave my computer on 24/7, automatic 1.5. I don't see the big deal.

    Anyway, is password resetting all that important to them?
  11. Top quality FLACs, no adverts, don't need an internet connection to play back, no need for a paid subscription. Can put them on a portable player and listen wherever I like.

    If any of these companies, especially if you pay for them, go away for any reason the countless hours some people spend on creating playlists will all go to waste.
  12. I reset my password the other day. Don't know if they get a 50% response, let alone more than that. Are more than 50% of their users even that active?
  13. Seriously. Streaming music in nice and all, but if I'm out, I'm not using up my data just to listen to music.
  14. I stream now , download to get things before their release

    but to everyone anti streaming , you can download content to have offline and the catalogue you get without having to save and constantly back up is worth the fee for me at least, just switched from Rdio to apple music
  15. You have to download the bullshit pop edm earscrambles that everyone else wants to listen to in order to maintain a ratio. good luck keeping a ratio up with the music you actually want to listen to.
  16. lol @ earscrambles

    such an apt word
  17. Really? I don't. I just download what I want and seed it forever.
  18. Same, lately I've been uploading around 1GB/day
  19. i download a bunch of shit i want, i seed it for ages, i hardly upload any bytes, my ratio is terrible, im about to get kicked off, i go download a bunch of katy perry, i shoot myself in the face.
  20. password resetting is probably important to them to get their "active user count" up.

  21. I downloaded the new Ghost album a couple days ago

    You should also download the new Ghost album

    Then you should throw money at them when they come to your town because they deserve it
  22. Are you sure you have a port open? Is your user name reporting as 'connectable' on the user lists of the torrents you are seeding?
  23. everything is fine if i download terrible music. if i download good music that i like, my ratio goes down because people don't listen to good music. if i download, horrible, terrible music that shouldnt exist, my ratio goes up because people only listen to music that makes my ears cry.

    my point is that its a flawed system, this ratio business. its not my fault people cant listen to decent music. i gave up on it a long time ago.
  24. I find the system to be ok. If anything helps, it's getting those big packs (rosetta stone, top of the pops pack, etc.) during freeleeches. I have about 250gB surplus though and my taste is not something I'd label as common.

    What's your username there? I'll get some stuff from you.

  25. Oh and @Pinin, changed it, cheers for the tokens

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