What cologne do you use?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, May 5, 2011.

  1. im using some shitty ted baker x2o thing at the moment that i got for christmas.. don't really like it
  2. I gots like 8 now.

    Favorite right now is this one from Zara, I dont think it has any name beyond Zara collection.

    Next is Very Sexy for him by Victoria Secret.
    Kinda surprised me, it was a gift but I really enjoyed it.

    Followed by Issey Miyake
    The regular mens one that comes in the tapered bottle. Mom's favorite, so I wear it at home.

    Dunhill Desire Blue bottle
    A gift from an ex, but I liked it a lot, and it still gets worn from time to time

    Ferrari Black
    I feel like a little kid having it, but it smells fantastic... probably better than any other I have. Too bad it lasts all of 5 minutes. Its pretty much useless unless Im trying to impress someone that im only seeing for a moment.

    some cheap shit from pacsun. smells very citrusy and girls seem to really like it. Barely wear it though, probably because it was from pacsun and Im a snob now.

    Original scent. Just have a small bottle of the stuff. Its cliche but it got popular for a reason. Running out, will need to buy a full sized bottle of it some day.

    Also have a bottle of some Polish thing called STR8
    Friend of mine gave it to me, I used to like the smell but not anymore. Maybe it means im no longer str8.
  3. I'm diggin my Yves St Lauren
  4. still have a little bit of dolce and gabbana light blue
    never wear it
    im delicious as is
  5. d&g
    hugo boss
    bruno banani
  6. Hugo Boss and something else, basically never use it though, only deodorant.

    You should try all options in the store anyway, it smells different on skin.
  7. Calvin Klein - Crave
    Diesel - Fuel for Life
    Ralph Lauren - Polo Explorer
    Giorgio Armani - Armani Mania
  8. Ralph lauren explorer
    Ralph lauren polo double black
    davidoff cool water
    davidoff adventure

    use cool water and double black the most probably
  9. Cool water

    smells like those black ice tree car fresheners that everyone likes
  10. Wow, 8 ? Do you have nail polish or skincare for the night?

    Jesus christ.
  11. "enjoyed"

    "enjoyed" ???

    Poofters and women "enjoy" cologne.

    You're a bloke. Start "liking" and "not liking" stuff right now, dammit.

    It's easy. Facebook is good practice.

  12. +1
  13. lol smelly wog
  14. i've reached the conclusion that i wouldn't buy clothes from a department store and that line of thinking works with cologne too.
  15. Davidoff Adventure - very citrusy, stands out from the average colognes, and the masses of people who think that wearing Polo Sport makes them unique. I've had plenty of women ask me what cologne I was wearing, mainly because they couldn't identify it as one of the popular fragrances.
  16. you guys realise davidoff is a gay brand?
  17. I have been told that, but it doesn't bother me. What's the worst that could happen?
  18. i need some cologne
    almost out of D&G and the other thing i have don't even remember because i never wear the shit anymore
  19. next you're smoking davidoff cigarettes.
  20. davidoff actually put pheromones in their colognes and cigarettes that stimulate the ECR-1 receptors, which are known to induce homosexuality
  21. Tm McGraw Southern Blend yipeekayay mother#$%#ers
  22. If you bought cologne from a specialty store or chemist, they would be the same product..? Or do you mean you only buy from somewhere like The Body Shop..
  23. I can't stand cologne or people who wear cologne.

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