What cologne do you use?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hugo Boss Dark Blue
  2. Diesel Fuel for Life

    only on weekends, really
  3. jean paul gaultier
  4. yeah smaller stores that stocker small brands.
  5. I like Dior - Higher Energery and Armani - Code (ran out of this one)

    I also have a Lanvin one I dont mind. I got Calvin Klein-Escape as a present, and its not really my thing, but its OK.
  6. great choice. The one that's bottled in like a male torso?
  7. add me to the list of 'naturally scented'
  8. Deodorant is more than enough.
  9. i only use cologne when i go out btw.
  10. Dolce & Gabanna
    Givenchy Pi
    Chanel Homme
  11. Versace
  12. Lacoste Pour Homme and Bulgari Pour Homme are where its at.
  13. none because I'm not a wog or in high school
  14. no you're an innotech 2.0

    mr wrangler jeans
  15. half a can of axe body spray
  16. Brown people shouldn't be allowed to buy axe.
  17. Channel Homme Edition Blanche
  18. Easy there buddy. The only ones I bought myself out of those were the Zara, kirra, and curve. The rest were all gifts.
  19. altika something

    edit: had to google that as I just smell, buy and toss away boxes; Yves Rocher Altika
  20. hahaha

    I enjoy this post.
  21. V alert
  22. Hugo boss
    Versace man
    Givency play
    Swiss army

    Need to go check out new stuff
  23. haha
    what you know about WRANGLER jeans!?
  24. i know people who wear them. they match amgrulz/innotech/demigod

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