What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. I saw a 930 convertible that had a body kid that attempted to make it look like a 959.
  2. This bad boy was parked in Sherman Oaks, California. Also saw an SLR today.
  3. I saw that today too! I was getting my car washed up for BimmerFest 5 hours ago and saw it just sitting there. Looks like you're around my area alot haha
  4. Oh nice! I work in Sherman Oaks right by that car wash, great place to spot some serious cars. I actually drove by BimmerFest on Saturday to take a quick peek.
  5. A 1969 Dodge Dart GTS that looked brand new!
  6. Just some random shots from earlier this week of a BMW cruise on the Ortega Highway.
  7. F430 and some classic alfa racecars. Oh and my dad bought another 156
  8. some light blue/white oldsmobile from the 50's. loved it.

    edit: just googled, it was a oldsmobile holiday.
  9. These are recent sightings but not today. The r32 was exiting to see, not too many Skylines around here, same with the Alpine.
  10. An awesome 1962 Lincoln Continental at my workplace.
  11. besides the wheels thats gorgious.
  12. Saw an R8 V10 on the highway over the weekend. Going the other way so no pics. Looked good in silver w/ carbon sideblade.
  13. maserati granturismo and a porsche 997 gt2
  14. a8L W12 and 1966 ford fairlane 427
  15. V8 Vantage and Ferrari 550.
  16. Saw a Bentley Brooklands yesterday, would have pulled out the camera and took a shot, but there was 4 cops near me and they frown upon cell phones/cameras while driving.
  17. Saw a woman dump her big gulp onto the windshield and hood of her Bentley CGT trying to get into her car by trying to balance the drink on the curved roof. Instead of even attempting to clean it off, she just drove away with her Bentley covered in Coke, this was in the afternoon and it was like 95 and sunny today...
  18. Holly crap today was a great day for car spotting in So-Cal. Couldn't believe the cars on the road today!

    365 Daytona Spyder! (yellow)
    F50!!!! (red with black stock wheels)
    ZR1 (silver)
    Porsche 550 Spyder (im guessing it was a replica)
    Mercedes 300sl convertible (or something very similar)
    550 (red)
    F430 (3 of them)
    Nissan GTR
    R8 (2 of them)
    70's Lancia, maybe Monte Carlo???
  19. Driving behind a yellow F355.
  20. Watching a silver Gallardo trying to drive onto a flatbed via two narrow pieces of wood.

    When the flatbed started to leave and I could finally see the side of the car, there was some sort of mural painted/wrapped down the side of the car. Could not tell exactly what it was because it was so far away but it was done in a darker shade of silver. Looked good.
  21. Thursday, all in the same shop:

    '62 250 GTO
    '68 GT40 Mk II (Gulf)
    '86 959 Dakar
    330 GTC
    Modified Ford GT
    A bunch of rare, vintage/exotic bikes
    An amazing amount of vintage race pieces/memorabilia
  22. another Porsche Panamera. That makes two.
    Its really not as bad as pictures made it seem at first.
  23. A friend saw this.
  24. wow

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