What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. Gumpert Apollo
  2. Few days ago.
  3. Pink on some cars looks good, but not on a BMW.
  4. Saw a K1 Attack last week. Another one crossed off the list
  5. Parked down my street
  6. What's up with the license plate?
  7. the owner probably paid £50k for it, that's what's up with it.
  8. Which is stupid/hilarious. A custom plate here is $25 a year.
  9. our system works completely differently to yours in that the registration number isn't just random. each part of the plate means something specific to do with age and location of initial registration. If you want a custom plate it has to have either already existed but isn't currently in use, or it has to conform to the layout guidelines set by the DVLA, so it's a lot harder to create your own personalised registration number.

    This opens the market up to owners of plates that already exist that might spell something who want to sell them to people with which they may have a significance.

    For example, I'd love the plate "J4 MES" as it spells my name. I know it exists (I did a HPI check on it ages ago haha - it's on a 996 C4S) and since there can't be two of the same plate i'd have to convince the current owner that they wanted to give it to me - obviously the only way he'd want to do that is by me giving him a lot of money.

    When the current system of plates came out there was a rush to buy "MR51 NGH" (Mr Singh) and I think it sold for 5 figures - it's probably on a Mercedes (lol race joke)
  10. we dont even have custom plates here.
  11. Carve w00t into your clogs
  12. i would have 5p4773rp03p as a license plate.
  13. Only on late 50's Caddies, but that is it.
  14. such a Noble rip-off
  15. It practically is a Noble.
  16. This thing in downtown Montreal
  17. Don't know my race cars too well... is this a 962? Is it real? Also first time seeing a 722, and a Roadster too!
  18. yes, that is a 962.
  19. Six-Wheel Range Rover
  20. awesome; nice avatar too
  21. The 962 and the Vector : awasome ! Another pics of the Vector ?
  22. I have seen that car before but can't recall if I took pics the first time. I will check when I get home later today.

    Edit: Sorry Tony... I guess that was the only picture I had of it.

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