What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. Aston Martin vanquish for sale. So sexy.
    Lotus Elise mk1
    Merc e55
  2. This really spoiled chick has an e55 in high school. I wanted to cry everytime she curbed it in the parking lot.
  3. 355 targa, phantom, alfa montreal, race prepped alpine a310, maser granturismo, cabrio and nineties 4porte, 3 nissan gtr's
  4. She prolly didnt even know whats she driving
  5. 1991 Ferrari 348 TB
  6. 1998 Dodge Viper GTS
  7. 2007 Bentley Azure
  8. it still shocks me that anyone bought one of these.
  9. niiice, i saw the regular version of that today. dunno what it's called.
  10. If you're talking about the coupe, it's the Brooklands.

    4-door is Arnage
  11. 4 door it was
  12. Saw a tr3. Forgot just how small those things are.
  13. Surrounded by pick-up trucks and SUV's, yeah, it looks small.
  14. my thoughts exactly

    but that being said, they are genuinely small.

    I saw a Lotus Elan recently. positively microscopic!
  15. Even when compared to my nissan, which isn't that big.
  16. they are tiny. you can also light a match off the road easily while driving one.
  17. took an RS3 for a test drive yesterday
    there fun
  18. sound good?
  19. the sound was nice, still understated
    coming off roundabouts at 50km/h in 2nd and flooring the shit out of it was hilarious fun. 120 in no time
    understeers pretty easily though but i guess it was a bit wet
    such an awesome hatch
  20. So jealous. Quattro is amazing. however, I cannot believe that Audi is starting to offer the A4 in FWD.
  21. ? No fwd in America?
  22. They have done in Europe for yeeeeears
  23. we have fwd a4's here.
  24. they should make the rs3 fwd for lols
  25. The only one in Australia..
    As well as his drinking buddies....

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