What did You See Today? (PART V)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, May 16, 2009.

  1. Silver on black Camaro with blacked out wheels and a very nice, low, throaty exhaust note. And a white on blue Ford GT cruising down Andover St. last night. That was pretty sexy.
  2. Ah the 2010 model. I drove one 2 weeks ago, such a crazy car.
  3. God I love living in Miami. In the past week:

    2x Phantom
    2x Audi R8
    Gallardo Spyder
    360 Spider
    360 Modena
    612 Scaglietti
    F430 Spider
    GT-R with aftermarket wheels
    Maybach 62S
    2x V8 Vantage Roadster
    V8 Vantage

    I think that's it.
  4. got a quick glimpse at a new LP670-4 SV orange/black, large wing at Lamborghini Miami yesterday. no pics because it was in the very back of the shop next to an LP640, Ford GT, and the Sharpie Gallardo.
  5. does anyone know what make and model of this car is? It was spotted in Ft. lauderdale, Florida.
  6. Camaro with that appearance package and RS goodies. Last time I saw one with the factory kit was awhile ago and it was black. This time its a color that contrasts more with the grey kit.
  7. Looks Noble-eque, but kinda looks like a kit car.
  8. its a Rossion Q1
  9. yesterday I saw another new Camaro and the most gorgeous dark black Gallardo with custom black racing rims at the Barnes and Noble.
  10. So I was pretty dead on, really.
  11. sort of. ROssion pretty much sells rebadged Noble M400's. They acquired the rights to sell them in the US and redevloped the car. ITs pretty much still a Noble, so its more like what Saleen is to Mustang building than a kitcar maker.
  12. I thought they changed it slightly, but yeah, I know what you mean either way. Kind of like RUF and shit.
  13. I saw two at Palm Beach Supercar Weekend in January. It's pretty neat. Basically is a rebodied Noble.
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  15. i saw these two cars at Mobile Gas Station in Glendale CA. Cell phone pics=bad quality
  16. 09/09/09

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  17. The devil.
  19. Grey Superleggera at the gas station, spoke to the owner about it. Asked if he liked the LP-560 and he's test driven it but likes the SL because its more rare etc. Mid 30's oriental guy who looked like some kind of accountant. His image doesn't match this car but hes got automotive taste.

    Sorry no pics.

    Is it true that there were only about 174 Superleggeras produced in 2007 and 2008 and only 34 in grey?
  20. Red 599 GTB near my apt. First one I've seen actually driving. Only a shitty cell phone pic that you can barely tell what it is.
  21. I saw that same car today in the west end of Edm. Nice

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