What did you see today? (Part VI)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by MooSquad, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. The mclaren is even more boring irl than it looks in the pics. Seriously what is mclaren up to these days? The p1 looks great, but all the other cars in their lineup look like generic ridge racer/burnout paradise cars.
  2. TVR Tuscan <3 . Those will become true classics, if they aren't already.
  3. XK180 still the best. The windscreen is the most impressive bit of it. It would have taken a lot of work to get that right.

    It's an extremely good replica. The only thing that alludes to it being such is that the metal on the dash and the centre console isn't engine turned and possibly the switchgear.

  4. It's an XKR underneath. Lot of power to back that up too.
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  5. It's the rear ends on them. They have zero presence at the rear end. The 650/675 and P1 are the only ones with sexy rear ends on them. The rest seem bland. The front ends are solid IMO. Though the 5xx series are almost too closed in. Could use an intake or something on the front bumper.
  6. Maybe not the time and place to say this, but I think the 90's XK's were the best looking cars in the past 30-40 years.
  7. Yeah they're looking nicer with every year that passes. The interiors are looking a bit dated now but exterior styling is great.

    Some models that came with huge wheels looked a bit odd from the factory IMO. They looked like they were on stilts. A stock XK8 looks great though

  8. Drove by me this morning.
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  9. That's a great colour.
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  10. Was driven around by that last night.
    IMG_20180124_222734 (1).jpg
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  11. Yes it is. Tiny engine, nice ride, kinda soft.

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