What did you see today? (Part VI)

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by MooSquad, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Couple more from my window

    Alfa Romeo GTV Cup
    Alfa Romeo GTV Cup.jpg

    F30 M3. I looooove this colour.. BMW M3.jpg
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  2. I dig that color
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  3. Took some photos of a friend's car as he's selling it - this particular car has already appeared in this thread, but I had more than a potato with me for pics

    IMG_6825re.jpg IMG_6882re.jpg IMG_6927re.jpg
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  4. I had a little drive, too.

  5. Love Anglias, bit sad story as my great grandfather lost my life in one of those (fatal accident, well, he was fine, but they didn't spot a bit of glass in his lung), but they look so damn great
  6. You know what....i can't remember the last time i saw a bmw 1-series. what the hell happened?
  7. Saw a 114i a few days ago. Had to look up the specs because I don't think I've ever seen one. 101hp, 133lb-ft. Someone was desperate for that BMW badge...
  8. 2005 Ferrari F430 F1 2005 Ferrari F430 F1   -1.JPG
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  9. While going to buy me some new shoes, saw this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa parked far on the parking lot.

    1990 Ferrari Testarossa.JPG
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  10. Saw this in a parking lot the other day. IMG_20160722_183412.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  11. 2000 Plymouth Prowler 2000 Plymouth Prowler -1.JPG
  12. Attended an annual charity car show yesterday, and did not expect to see this on the curb - Aston Martin Vulcan! 1 of 24 made.

  13. And then finally - just a handful of other shots I took. It was a good show, but most of the rest of the exotics and classics were your fare of Gallardos, 458s, 911s, modded Vettes & Hellcats, etc. I honestly expected a few more standouts like a CGT, Enzo, maybe a Bugatti? Still a fun time though!


    ...can't get enough of the AMG GT. Love it so much. The girlfriend did not like the long front-engined designs when compared to the Ferraris and Lambos for the most part though.
  14. Can't see any of your pics, WCW, just a grey "no smoking" looking symbol. Someone else probably needs to confirm though.
  15. Well that's gay. I would post a screenshot of what I see and that it's showing up fine for me, but that attachment is too large
  16. Just checked on my phone and same thing as my comp. Where did you host them?
  17. It's a permission thing on Google Photos, I think.
  18. Yeah it looks like it is. Sucks. I'll try to rehost them on a different site sometime soon
  19. Surely that's a "no entry" sign?
  20. I'm in a casual shirt and I can't see them either
  21. Today i didn't see an even a single car which creates a wow factor from me..
  22. vanquish.jpg

    I thought it was real when it was driving behind me. Good job i guess.
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  23. RDW says there's at least a Jaguar underneath (probably XK8 as it has a 4L engine it's registered with), so at least it's not nohing at all :D but wow
  24. Saw a brand new looking Alfasud today, didn't take pics, but looked absolutely stunning in green

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