What Did you see today?

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by PureEuroM3, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Saw this yesterday...has to be one of the first in Canada...I saw it at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Downtown TO
  2. Nice pics! Thanks.
  3. Also saw these over the past few days...too bad the Bentley GT pic turned out so dark
  4. no pics, but i bet i win this thread!
    just saw a sliver SL300 in race livery complete with rollcage race a porsche 993 turbo, tried to follow them but it didn't work...
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  5. i hate you americans! i've only like seen 2 vipers EVER. shitty old New Zealand. u dont see shit. even when i worked for Ferrari on work experiance teh best i saw was a Diablo Jota, an F40 (new zealands only one) and the first 575M in NZ
  6. The "Supercar-Rally" : 2 Enzo, F50, 2 Stradale, 2 Carrera GT, Diablo GTR, VT and GT, Ascari ZR1, 2 F40, 3 Murciélgo, 3 Gallardo, Techart GT Street S, Pagani Zonda C12, Bugatti EB110SS, Venturi 400 Trophy, Vanquish, 612 Scaglietti, 575M Maranello, etc etc...
  7. I saw a 959 today... looked sweet!
  8. I saw a truckload of c6's last weekend on the highway.
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  10. OMG! I cant believe thiers on in Canada already. My friend saw a CGT thier not long ago, then rode in it...(Nurbruns CGT pics)
    Im gonna have to come down to Four seasons on a weekend and sit thier...
  11. Saw and sat in a DB9 today... very nice car... A cool feature is that the door can stay open at any point, and also the door opens at a slight angle, like a butterfly door...
  12. On Saturday:
    silver 360 Modena, red 328 GTS, several Z06s and Vipers, two 996TTs, Z8, black Arnage, white Silver Seraph, lots of M Cars and AMGs, a few XKRs, etc. etc.
  13. Saw those cars again today, but on one of the most amazing track in the world, "Paul Ricard" (HTTT).
    + 1 F40, 2 Diablo VT 6.0, XJ220, + 1 Ascari ZR1 + 1 Murciélago

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  14. Am i the only one waiting for pics?
  15. Saw a Porsche GT3 at my local dealership (very rare where I'm from) with a what looked like a lap timer on the center console, porsche factory racing bucket driver seat (no passenger one), five point harness, and a full roll cage. Absolutely beautiful, I'll try to put up pics if you guys want.
  16. At this time i don't know where and when...
  17. can we get the pic from ur avatar?
  18. Just a DB7 Volante today. Pics are on my phone, I'll post them later.
  19. My sighting today...
  20. pics form yesterday

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